Duomo of the flowers of our Lady boasts a statue of the boar happy new market entry and Florence people


On the South side of the Loggia Mercato Nuovo (new market) in the heart of the city of Florence (Loggia)、There is a statue in Florence called "pig of Fortune" symbol boar。Whereas the market in the current Republic square was once called the old market、We call this new market。At that time、As was traditional Florentine straw hat, such as sold on the expensive silk and woolen、Guests can enjoy shopping, is now lined with stalls of affordable leather products。And while sitting on the South side、This "pig (Italy:Porcellino porcellino) "and is called"wild boar image"。1640C.、Is made by Pietro tacca learned sculpture industry mogul Jean Bologna.、By "suckling pig" and was nicknamed at the time、As has now been left intact。And the coat was applied to the surface、State of swamp of wild boar living (plant、Amphibians and reptiles), such as、Expressive reality is very valued bronze statue.。For images please understand、The statue of this wild boar、There is a legend "and patted the nose brings good luck.、For tourists all gather around the statue of this wild boar、We are very busy。Not just stroking the nose、Put a coin in the mouth and hands off、The coin drops below the base grid very good luck and are "true hope" or "Florence can be revisited.。Wearing only the wild boar nose shinning in gold、Heck how many people came except wishes her nose?。By the way this boar statue is a replica、2004Is that since the original file stored in the bardini Museum!


A bustling new market Mercato Nuovo (Italy:Also known as the Mercato Nuovo:Porcellino market),、Bags and pouches、From belts and other leather products、Clothing、Marble paper stationery、Crafts are sold primarily。And lined with stalls on site、Even the leather products、It is recommended 掘出shi物 are looking for a reasonable。During the sightseeing tour、Not quite at your own pace and enjoy the shopping、Is free from、Decided to once again in this new market bounced back to at night, hunting and。And、Fine up to can find brightly colored favorite red leather wallet、Now she's so gentle signor (ITO:Signore men) in price negotiations and、You could buy a cheap! Do you remember? 「Please discount Sconto,per favore (Skonto Pell fable) "Always with a smile, please try (laughs)


Piazza della Signoria、And after a wild boar statue of happiness of the Mercato Nuovo (new market)、Go and explore the old town on foot while the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral。


Is the appearance of artists doing art on the asphalt.、Because it seemed that draw in the limited space、What event? Can this glimpse of artists throughout the city.。It truly is the art city of Florence.


Mercato Nuovo (new market) than an eight-minute walk from old town going、Towering high above Cathedral Square suddenly opens up the sight, Giotto's Bell Tower (ITO:Campanile di Giotto Campanile di Giotto) comes into the eyes。1334In-built between 1359 and、And the Cathedral as well as red、White、In the Gothic style are made of green marble Bell Tower、Height of the tower is 84 meters.。At that time、Painter was responsible for building in、That was also the architect Giotto di Bondone、Construction starts in just three years the tier 1 completed and death to it、After that、Over Layer 2 Andrea Pisano、In addition to Chapter 3-Fran­CESCO made a five-layer。Closely watching the outer walls of the Tower、3Would be fun to observe the different hierarchy was peacefully by the House style。The great Bell keeps ring a Bell still announces the time.。And renowned as an excellent spot、414Can from the city with 360-degree views that went up the stairs.。See the entry to the lookout、When in front of San Giovanni baptistery exists on the other side。Narrow stairs, so I stayed、Light facing those who are confident in the strength and good will.


Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (ITA:Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore) the facade (front)、Decor designed by Arnolfo di cambio at the time was destroyed in 1587、Current is a 19th century reconstruction。Colours and white marble、In elaborate geometric patterns using pink or green-coloured marble, with neo-Gothic hybrid style。


And San Giovanni baptistery in Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral with Baptistry (ITO:Battistero di San Giovanni) is、In the octagonal, standing opposite to the main entrance of the Cathedral building、And one of the most important concentrated form of Romanesque church architecture、Built in the 11th century to dedicate to St. John the Baptist (John the Baptist)。14-Bronze three gates attached to the 15th-century building、The South Gate is the Andrea Pisano、The North Gate and East Gate is produced by Lorenzo ghiberti。The East Gate is the image it took 27 years to complete、Relief composed of 10 copies left and right panels and old testament motifs、The "Heaven's Gate" and praised that Michelangelo was touched by so much beauty from、Featured spot and is now known by this name。On this tour、Free time and will be free from Cathedral square。Our couples、Tour of the cupola of the Duomo in the film "that calm and passion" became a hot topic and considering time up、The central market (ITO:Mercato Centrale Mercato Centrale) head out to lunch in the restaurant of.


5-minute walk north from the Cathedral square、Basilica of San Lorenzo (Italian:Basilica di San Lorenzo) have。(Front) facade of the bricks are exposed to and left unfinished。Internal spent nine years and complete、Has become a sophisticated things cannot be imagined from the unfinished facade、Sleeping old Cosimo's father, Giovanni di pitch。Bright ceiling dome and altar、Highlights include the pulpit of Donatello.


Is in the South-East corner of Piazza San Lorenzo Giovanni delle Vendee Neri (Italian:Giovanni delle Bande Nere) black flag Giovanni、Statue of Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo's father will be mark the intersection、Advances the way unfolds in stalls、The central market (ITO:Mercato Centrale Mercato Centrale) to arrive.


Arent from Piazza San Lorenzo (Italian:Ariento) through streets lined and stall、Crafts and leather goods in Florence、Marbled paper products、I have lined up clothing and souvenirs are crammed with so enjoy shopping! (* Sunday and Monday market was closed because of it。) So next time、Central market was looking forward to (I-:Mercato Centrale Mercato Centrale) here!

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore
Location:Cathedral Square, Firenze, Italy TEL:+39 055 230 2885
Hours of operation:10:00-17:00(5. Thursday Oct-16:00、11March-April, Thursday-16:30、Saturday-16:45-
Admission fee:No * Cathedral cupola is € 8 (Japan at about 1120 yen)

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