Narita Airport United Club outside the scope of the priority pass now!


This is one of the lounge in Narita International Airport.、"United Club United Club"It is。
Since the boarding time is about 1 hour、I think I want to spend here!

* From 5/15/2015 be eligible for priority pass United Club、Priority pass is not available.。


To take advantage of here lounge、Users of United series international business or first class、
Or United Club、Or you must be a member of Star Alliance Gold card。
And、Have another one available pass、It is this priority pass membership。
With priority Pass priority pass、With companies offering services in the airport lounge、
The annual membership fee is required、Using price Lounge will be free。
Many domestic and overseas travel、Frequently used the airport for travelers is the recommended membership card!

There is such a priority card you can get free!
It is Rakuten premium!

The Rakuten Premium Card membership、 Prestige membership of priority pass (Priority) (regular annual membership fee $ 399 USD) in、
Can what membership fees, annual fees and also offers free membership to。

For more information click here please click the banner!


Presenting Priority Pass priority pass cards and airline tickets at the front desk and sign the register。
If entry becomes possible。Here there are other lounge、
United Club Lounge only up to six unaccompanied minors in one priority pass admission is possible because、
Suitable for use with your family and friends。
(Note:Accompanying takes 3150 yen per 1 person)


United Club、Airlines companies provided by United Airlines lounge。
In the past under the name of red carpet called it。
Place、Narita International Airport Terminal 1、31Turn、32-Gate area。
On this day、201311 / 2, (Saturday)In the lounge is free on the first day of the three-day weekend was、
Time is flowing and spacious。User seems to tend to the Westerners。


To the vantage window seat。Since the sofa at the outlet、
If you bring the charger also charge, such as mobile phones and personal computers available in、You can use the free Wi-Fi access。


Here is there a self service、Is the bar counter.、Wine and sake、From alcohol such as beer、
Cola or ginger ale、Coffee、All include a soft drink of tea drinks。
And、As a snack, sushi and California Roll Sushi and Edamame、
Other、Rice ball、Soup、Cheese、A lot of satisfaction can be carried free bread with light refreshments are provided。
And thankful that it's all free。
12:10 was tour Narita set time。
In front just to eat lunch、
In the tour operator's Guide、Because I had heard from the flight staff is more than an hour and、
Decided that we married couples also will eat here!





The draft beer、Glass press to put、Poured out in auto tilt、
Then bubbles will be added a great new mechanical skills become.


Types of alcohol and the White、Red wine、Japanese sake、Is a glass of whiskey and plentiful。


Bread and desserts、Fruit as well as serial.。


In the lounge is decorated by considering the sum。
The toilet is located in the airport、Breakfast, in the lounge room very quiet at a small number of users,。


This elevator to climb、VIP room available only to first class passengers
"United Club United Club of Global First Lounge"To go is possible。
Before the long journey、Comfortable, spacious and restful lounge!

United Club United Club
Chuo Bldg. 3f, hours:7:30-20:30
Eligibility requirements:Priority pass membership、United Club
Star Alliance Gold card membership、International business United series、First user
Services provided:Free drinks、Refreshments、Wi-Fi、Magazines / newspapers、Family room、Shower

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