Tokyo station-introduction to cheap fast shuttle from Narita International Airport


The Italy trip、Afternoon departure from Narita International Airport with flights to、From Hamamatsu station early in the morning of departure is、Need the night before no morning flights unless the body is easy!


Shinkansen Hikari boarded、→ Hamamatsu to Tokyo station takes approximately 1 hour and a half、Guide books in Italy, such as looking at and studying was that while Tokyo is.


Tokyo station was the unfortunate cloudy skies、In pleasant temperatures with no coat jacket 2 piece even a mild climate。Out of Tokyo station Yaesu North exit station behind sotobori Street turn left and walk 200 m、Continue until the Keisei bus No. 3。


Here is、Keisei-takasago 速sha vector bus。Tokyo-Narita International Airport at 6:00 ~ 16 hours operates two hourly、Advance bookings only one-way fare ¥ 900 and bargain fares。


In approximately one hour on the busNarita International AirportTo arrive。Meitetsu bus down to the North or South Terminal check.


Arrival at the airport、First of all you。As necessities when traveling abroad、Always hire overseas for Wi-Fi.。While companies handle、On the cheap, you can rentWi-Fi GLOBAL DATA imageIt is。The Wi-Fi only、Once, Smartphone with Google Maps in the overseas knowing lost、翻訳アプリをダウンロードすることで現地人との会話もスマートに!そして何よりfacebookなどのSNSでの現地投稿が可能そのおかげで現地にいながらにしてその土地に詳しい友達からの美味しい情報などがリアルタイムでゲットできるのです。Depending on the country、1So, hire about 1000 yen price、1,000Circle x more in the price of the stay of effective so you can relax。Future、Who are interested in traveling abroad、I really recommend。The international Wi-Fi、Is preferable to a reservation on the Internet that、空港の窓口で当日受付してくれるところもありますのでご確認を♪


Next in line、外貨の両替を済ませておくと良いでしょう。This time the、すぐに目の前に飛び込んできたみずほ銀行にて日本円を€ユーロに両替しました。After、他の窓口の方がレートが良いことが判明してしまい、A little leftover from my。It is recommended that at the best exchange rates of other to figure out how to afford time to。It can't be、It should have enough time to act, that is!


Auto check-in machine。11At this time of the month、Is likely to be packed into the off-season, relatively cheaper airline tickets。And issues to be、Newlyweds、Mature couples、Parent-child、Our good friends in children may become separated from the seat。Our couples、Great staff thanks who sits next to me, so.、As was also the fact despite several sets of 13 hours long flight and ended up off the seat。Early action is recommended to you on a fun trip if possible。


At the check-in counter、Show your airline ticket and passport, I leave my suitcase。現在は1個のスーツケースの重量制限は23kg以内です。8日分の秋冬の衣装の着替えともなるとかなりの重さ実際に行きのスーツケースの重さは20kgでした。It can't be、帰りのお土産は手荷物以外で3kgまでということになりますね。Of course if you pay extra to have problem、Over charged it is a waste! More recently, until two suitcases per person has been growing airlines OK so、Advance check!


In the baggage check、Hat、Jacket、Belt、Remove the metal、On the instructions of the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport than in the other thick-soled shoes、Safety shoes、Will call off the decorations such as boots and metallic shoes, such as。From mobile phones and cameras in the baggage bag、put in the cage out of the iPad and other electronic equipment, read the。And himself also received the security check, if it is passable。Once you pass this checkpoint even、I have time so can rest assured that。Now、Next introduce in the airport lounge.

Keisei-takasago 速sha vector bus

Narita International Airport official WEB site

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