Light and water and music popular night show、Wonder full!


Merlion to show up in force at any time.、The recommended time to exploring the merlion Park、To tell the truth at night。The merlion is lit up、Columnar lights in the Park、Creates a fantastic sight, light blue and Red。The illuminated white merlion is divine、Even the manly feel is carrying a night view of Raffles place。Splashing vomit merlion mightily shine at night、Look like arches of light!


The giant Ferris wheel in the vicinity of Marina BaySingapore Flyer, Singapore flyerAnd、Which is called commonly "Dorian"Esplanade Theatres on the Bay Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay、55StoreyMARINA BAY SANDS Marina Bay sandsAs the lights gleam filled。Colorful light is emitted shine like a jewel box。Even the breeze across the Bay cooler、Guests can enjoy a pleasant stroll。Will space perfect for walks after dinner.


Sparkling Marina Bay water surface and the light-up of Raffles Place Bill County has to produce a fantastic world ♪


Woven from the light emitted from the Marina Bay sands and the Marina Bay water and music night show "wonder-full"、Every night at 20:00 ~ and 21:30 ~ (Friday and Saturday is 23 times), held、1Will be approximately 13 minutes show。Released blue and green laser beams from the wall of the Marina Bay sands、Located in front of the hotel tower Shoppes at Marina Bay sands and Sands Expo Convention Center、Lit up in red and purple on time will change color.


Unique shaped like a flower floating in the Marina Bay buildings ArtScience Museum Art Science Museum is shining in blue、Decorate the entire Marina Bay sands wonder review begins。From the part of the hanging garden、The Green and blue laser beams、Is as vivid, as if shone the beam Cannon from the ship! 15 this laser "Stella Ray"、Strong enough to be seen anywhere within 55 kilometers light for、Can the rays noticed walking the city at night。Other 30 searchlights.、2510,000 LEDs, but they introduced、Marina Bay sands and the surrounding area maintains a fantastic world。So don't miss this romantic light with plans to recommend the.

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