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You can enjoy the views and the delicious cuisine of Singapore and buzz "Makansutra Gluttons Bay makansutra gratins Bay"。Singapore culinary book "Makansutra makansutra"The gathering high-level stall (shop) editor, selected hawkers hawkers (traditional stalls)。Singapore delicious foods with one fell swoop on、Location was excellent very popular。201211-finished renovation in the beginning、Let me introduce the redesigned makansutra gratins Bay。Makansutra gratins Bay Marina & located in the、Located next to the vivid picture of Dorian-complex "Esplanade Theatres on the Bay Esplanade Theatre on-the-Bay".


Makansutra gratins Bay open、17Time-early in the next 2 pm and are open until late。Fun night until midnight and serves as、Filled with busy people。Is also open 1 hour prior to start preparing and stall (shops)、Not all shops to open in、I feel start and only open to each stall.


Typical cuisine of Singapore、Hockersmith,、Charquaitio、Mie Goreng, Hainanese chicken rice,、Satay and BBQ Chicken with volume。While drinking alcohol with atmosphere、Guests can enjoy a delicious meal!


Suites、1 stall at the drinks with juice or beer shop。Unlike other hawkers and food stall number、Many typical so-called "THE Singapore food impression is not with。And for the first time visitors to Singapore、Singapore trip didn't so much try local dishes to、Friendliness of the recommended。On the menu、They contain photos and price point at order is OK。Trim favored by many tourists, offers you peace of mind.


This time、Brought "fully blossoming, GA Paul ' 14" while watching、Until the food arrives for review of Singapore attractions, Singapore food is studying。Came to Oita research ahead of time、OwnOptimizer but also local information, very helpful.


"Heineken" S$5.00(Japan ¥ 400 Yen) to forget about the thickness of the day、To moisten the throat with beer!


' / SOON LEE FRIED HOKKIEN PRAWN MEESeafood Char Kway Teow "S $ 4 (Japan circles 320 yen)

The charquaitio of char Kway Teow (fried rice noodle)、All races、It is one of the best dishes in Malaysia。Name of the dish is derived from the Hokkien、""Char,"FRY"、Main ingredient is "Kway Teow" means a "rice flat noodle"。This rice noodles、Light or dark mouth of soy sauce、Pepper、Shrimp、Shelled mussels、Bean sprouts、Chinese chives、Fried eggs with high temperature, make。In the Chinese community、Stir in the pork fat with croutons and crispy pork lard、It is traditional on a banana leaf, dishes,。As an accent flavor、You can add sliced Chinese sausages and fish cakes。The original、Workers in the main、Farmers、Was the poor fishermen eat cuisine、Become a food loved by all people in Malaysia now that。Rice noodles, and just need to be、Also I dust texture and salty taste I'm sure Japanese tongue moker and think!


See / Wee Nam Kee Chicken RiceChicken Rice(Roast)"S$4.50(Japan Yen about 360 yen)

Singapore Hainanese chicken rice is known as the "Hainan Chicken Rice (Hainan siphann)"。Hainanese chicken rice、Singapore chicken rice and also good、A major dish popular in Japan。The birthplace of Singapore Hainanese chicken rice、China's Hainan Island has been、60Malaysia and Singapore tells the migrants from China's Hainan Island from years ago。In the current、Has become the unrivaled popularity in Singapore and overseas tourists between、Of Singapore” National cuisine “As、Now with food stalls and food courts must be seen in national。シンガポールでの海南鶏飯の調理方法は鶏を丸ごと茹でてとった出汁で炊いたジャスミンライス(香米=タイ産)に乗せ胡瓜と香菜などを添えチリソースブラックソースとおろし生姜を合わせタレで食べます鶏肉の旨味がジャスミンライスに滲み込みあっさりとした上品な味が特徴です。This time the、普段我が家の食卓でも作ることが多いオーソドックスなシンガポールチキンではなくお酒の当てになりそうな照り焼きタイプをオーダーしました甘塩っぱい照り焼きのタレは日本人も大好きです日が暮れ辺りが夜のネオンで華やかさを放つ頃マリーナではとても素晴らしいショーが行われるので早速観に行きましょう♪

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