Raffles place Singapore modernization starting point is


Board the MRT and get off at RAFFRES PLACE Raffles Place Station、What appeared in front of me was an office district lined with modern skyscraper counties.。This is developing as the financial center of Singapore.。Major financial institutions in Europe and the U.S. are developing their business as bases in Asia.。


Heading towards the City、You can see the singapore river flowing slowly。It is a promenade along the river.、How to take a walk with an idyllic view、It is a pleasant course♪


Located in the area of Colonial Architecture、An excellent suspension bridge。1868Built in 2008、the last governor of a strait colony under the British Indian government、Named "Cabena Bridge" after Lord Cabena。Current、Inside the bridge over the Singapore River、will be the oldest bridge。


Because only pedestrians can cross、Time flows slowly on the bridge、Empress Place, Fullerton Hotel, etc.、Against the backdrop of the magnificent surrounding buildings、Many tourists take commemorative photos.。


On the west side of the bridge, there are also buildings on shenton way.、Crossing the bridge on foot、Get a glimpse of Singapore's modern cityscape and the culture of historic buildings♪


Museum "Museum of Asian Civilization" aimed at introducing Asian civilization heritage。Art and crafts of different Asian ethnic groups from a wide range of regions、From ritual supplies to daily necessities、You can see a wide variety of exhibits。Admission fee is S$8 (about 640 yen in Japanese yen) is required.。


Located in an area with many magnificent buildings from the British rule、1850Dalhousie Obelisk (Monument)。1848Dalhousie Marquis, governor of India from 1850 to 1856、2Built to commemorate my second visit to Singapore。Designed by John Turnbull Thomson, this obelisk、The obelisk "Cleopatra's needle" on the Banks of the Thames in London is said to be a model.、It's a deep engagement with the UK.。Four brilliantly decorated streetlights stand around the pedestal、It's a good way to have a proper obelisk.。


Along the River on the Singapore River、The restaurant district in the back is called "Boat Quay Boat Key"。There are buildings that have been renovated from colorful shophouses.、There are terrace seats in front of each store.。After the evening、From a seafood restaurant with ikebana、India cuisine、Arab cuisine、Staff from a wide range of restaurants, including Italian cuisine, stood to the toy、I'll show you the bustle.。Not only tourists、From Shenton Way's office、Many people come to enjoy a drink after work、While looking at the colonial architecture lined up on the opposite shore、The food is full of mood with a view of the river blowing in the night breeze♪


"Singapore River Cruise" is a floating sightseeing tour of the Singapore River by retro boat around the river。There are boarding stations along the river.、You can ride from anywhere from S$18 (from 1,440 yen in Japanese yen)。Commemorative photo with Patri against the backdrop of Fullerton and River Cruise。The photo is in good mood mode (laughs)


The site of the first landing in Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles, who developed Singapore as a British colony。It has become one of the famous tourist attractions along with a chalk statue of Lord Raffles。It's along North Boat Quay.、Next to the Statue of Lord Raffles is the Victoria Theatre Concert Hall。1819Landed at Singapura for the first time on January 28, 2008、Lord Raffles' achievement in thriving as a transit point for trade in what was a land that was unexplored is so great、It is still loved by Singaporians today.。There are many cafes and restaurants nearby, so it is a good idea to take a walk♪


A historic hotel in the Palladian style (17th century British ) style, located brilliantly along the Singapore River"THE FULLERTON HOTEL SINGAPORE FULLERTONE FULLERTON”。1996Used as a post office until 2008、2001It is a prestigious hotel that was renovated and opened as a hotel for about 24 billion yen on January 1, 2009♪


The courtyard used by the high tea featuring a blowout up to the 8th floor next to the lobby、You will be overwhelmed by the simple modern and classical beauty♪


Because it is a hotel that has been renovated from the central post office、Bright red postage as a remains of the British colonial era、There are 2 in the Fullerton Hotel and in the Post Bar Post Bar♪


The ceiling height of the lobby and the bar is also good.、The rooms are spacious.、1Even the narrowest rooms、Approximately 42 square meters provides a relatively large and luxurious space。It is a recommended hotel for those who want to enjoy a luxurious space♪

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