Eating spicy Indian curries in town an exotic little India


One of the highlights of Singapore、Exotic city with spicescent、Little India。This area revolves around Serangoon Road Serangoon Road、It is a colorful area of India.。Walking around the back road、Let's introduce the streets of Little India from south to north♪.


Get out of the arcade.、Walk ingintoletway along Serangoon Road、You can feel the indian aroma become familiar to your skin along with various shops.。On this street、In particular, there are many Indian restaurants with a strong scent of Indian culture, as well as shops selling saree and accessories for Indian costumes♪


The JUNGLE Tandoor Jungle Tandoor is a famous curry shop.。Because the gatekeeper is in the style of safari at the entrance、You can imagine the jungle as the name of the shop♪.


One of the most famous Hindu temples in Little India, "Sri Villa Makariaman Temple"。This temple, which always stands on the bustling Serangoon Road、The one that enshrined the goddess Curly。It is a scary goddess god who symbolizes slaughter and destruction!、It is said that the overwhelming strength to destroy the demons is the object of people's faith.。On the temple tower and on the roof、You can see the statues of gods of vivid Indian mythology♪.


Hindu temples and mosques are available to tourists.、a sacred place where believers pray。It is NG to visit in clothes with a lot of exposure of the skin。When you enter the interior、take off one's shoes, etc.、Let's observe the rules.。The believers、You can see a clean figure washing your feet at the water at the entrance.。In Hindu temples,、There is a man-only worship hours、Women's admission is strictly prohibited even for sightseeing purposes, so be careful.。Let's leave immediately then.。


When I went into the alley, I suddenly found a suspicious cloud.、It's starting to rain.。I put up with it if it was about a little rain.、It's going to be quite a zazar down in no time.、I had no choice but to buy an umbrella at 7-Eleven.。


Walk the arcade street to get out of the rain。In the arcade of Little India、There are a lot of gorgeous gold shops everywhere.、It is the momentum that the reality of the gold buying of India which is the world's largest gold demand country is likely to be seen.。since the price of gold fell、India、Middle east、In emerging countries such as China, gold is selling so much that there is not enough gold bullion.、It's not just shopping for the rich and the rich.、It's something that the common people buy here.。In India, gold orientation is very high.、Amuyokeya、I wear gold accessories as part of my savings.。However,、There are a lot of delicate work of the design that has been applied.、If you don't wear a national costume, sally, etc.、Only money seems to float (laughs)


There will be many shops lined with traditional saree and Indian casual fashion, panjavi dresses.。Many Indian women living in Singapore wear traditional saree.、There is also an opportunity to see the figure walking in the town with total coordination such as accessories。I love ethnic costumes.、I'm influenced by that exotic appearance (laughs) including Sally、From the thingthat simply wear a panjavi dress at a reasonable price, to a high-quality design in high-quality materials are available、It may be one of the pleasures for women♪


I set up a sewing machine in front of the store.、The figure of a man sewing。It seems to sew embroidery and a little accent pattern.。Even so, even though there is a roof in the arcade、It's a sight you don't see in Japan!


The Tekka Center is not only for Indians、Chinese descent、Malay descent、And I often see tourists.。Take a peek at the Tekka Center, where you can get a glimpse of Indian everyday life。 By the way、This Tekka Center、It is also used as a Tekka Market or KK Market.。Depending on where it is displayed、Tekka Market、It may be written as KK Market、Everything refers to the Tekka Center here.。 The Tekka Center is conveniently accessible.、Get off at LITTLE INDIA Little India STATION at MRT、This orange building which can be seen on the front left out of Exit C is The Tekka Center♪.


In the Hawkers, where little India's colorful local food stalls are lined up、I recommend Indian food.。I'm not sure which stall to order at the shop.、If you get lost, it might be a good idea to go to the place where there is a line.。Also、Here is also the famous "allauddin's Briyani Aladdins villaini" in the guidebook。For this Hawkers、I rarely see tourists.。Because almost only the local people gather、If it makes it to the tourist, it might be a feeling of advanced edition (laughs) but、What is the place where local people gather?、It is that there is always something delicious♪.


We have、I chose this shop which is the most lined.。I can't read what's written on the signboard on the table.、Let's order by relying on the menu photo♪


The shop's mother、I grabbed it with my hands.、in the back with a pretty bold salad、The shop's father is also roughly sipping rice and curry.。This is also a sight not seen in Japan so it's so wild and exciting (laughs) The plate is a plastic tray.。The Indians were eating by hand.、If you ask me, I'll put a spoon on it♪


"Chicken Masala" S.3.00 (about 240 yen in Japanese yen)

2Reasonable enough to be a volume that seems to be in front of people。Basmati rice (Indian long grain rice)、Seasoned with spices。Curry is mild with chicken broth, but the hotness that comes later becomes a habit.。Chicken has a whole bottle of meat with bones.。Boiled eggs are also one of the items that relieve the severity as much as you like.。Purple onion and pepper salad、It's lying in a sour dressing.、You can enjoy it to rest chopsticks.。Just、The local child who was at the same table was cheeking the same curry deliciously.、I thought that it was a good space to taste the local wind leisurely♪

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