Pearl of the Orient、Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel is referred to as the Lady of the Cretaceous


Singapore's leading hotelRAFFLES SINGAPORE Raffles Hotel SingaporeWhat。Has been designated as a cultural heritage of Singapore Raffles Hotel、1887Year built by Armenia sakes brothers、In the Cretaceous British colonial atmosphere with colonial architecture、Number in Singapore is particularly eye-catching in a colonial-style building in beauty。Many famous people visited Singapore、Charlie Chaplin、Joseph Conrad、Also loved by Rudyard Kipling、With a world-wide readership、Famous words of Somerset Maugham was a playwright and poet, praised as the "Pearl of the Orient"。Is not also became the stage of Ryu Murakami's novel "Raffles Hotel" in Japan did you know how many?。Also、Singapore's signature cocktail "Singapore Sling"、Born in LONG BAR long bar here in the hotel!


Now、Souvenir dolls even exists as a Raffles Hotel plush toy、The popularity of the Raffles Hotel、As a speciality of the hotel。GIPS designed in colonial-era British military uniforms&Brave the doorman dressed in the white uniform of the hawks、Seems many people hoped the commemorative photo together!


The Raffles Hotel、More than 40 selected shops、16The amenities include restaurant & bar。While exploring a gorgeous building and garden、It is possible to enjoy the shopping and dining!


Fountain in the courtyard。This fountain has become places open to the public (visitors) to pass under the arcade of the courtyard and first floor。Partially this building 1st floor、And contains the famous high tea at Tiffin room、You will also enjoy a quiet moment in the restaurant with Raffles in the oldest history of elegant ladies and it will hold.


In the tropical gardens of swaying palm trees、Seafood and Asian-style dishes and other meals are served on the outdoor。Resort was very comfortable in an open space?!


This is a LONG long bar.。


The retro mood、Feel the long history、I feel comfortable where。LONG long bar、A legendary cocktail、Famous as the birthplace of Singapore Sling。1915 year、In Singapore's Raffles Hotel bartender、Yan chongwen (Itsukushima chongwen、Ngiam Tong Boon) is first made at the beginning、Singapore Sling Sling Sling、Is said to have come from Germany, Schlingen (swallow)、Add sweet and sour spirits, divided by water to drink。The other is a gin Sling、Include vodka Sling。Also the Singapore Sling、Original is one of the variations in。For women who had been not suitable before drinking alcohol in public、"Look in the fruit juice cocktails with" is a contrived female-friendly cocktails!


Singapore Sling 125th S $ 28 (2,240 yen as Japan yen)

This is still the original Singapore Sling。Recipe is as follows.。In the sweeter than I thought、Ladies drinks are easy to drink cocktails。

Dry Gin (Beefeater spp.) 30 ml
Cherry brandy (Peter Heering) 15 ml
Pineapple juice 120 ml
Lime juice 15 ml
Cointreau (White Curacao) 7.5 ml
Benedictine 7.5 ml
Grenadine 10 ml
Angostura bitters 1 Dash
Decoration – Stabbing bamboo pin cherries and slices of pineapple、Decorate the edges of the original glass。


Singapore Sling S $ 14 (about 1120 Yen Japan yen)

Here is、It is arranged modern version of the original Singapore Sling cocktail。Alcohol is stronger than the original historic、According to my personal impression、By far this one is delicious and is fashionable (lol) just、I still drink the original is right in the mood.


To hold in one hand is quite long cocktail glass。Gin with sweetness and freshness told me forget the heat of summer.


With each table every big wooden box equipped with plenty of peanut snacks。On the counter、2And placed in the sense of every sheet, can eat just like that、I noticed your feet shells are strewn across the floor?! In such prestigious bar heck like anyone with bad manners! And can you imagine the、This seems to style of this bar is (laughs)、And think of how to clean after the Japanese、Adding counter to shell put what I was、So I think it was。


After you enjoy the elegance and comfort in the bar、Anxious shopLAICHAN LITE chi ya nnLet's take a peek ♪


Raichan who is the fashion designer of "LAICHAN"The、The sophisticated design sense、Commitment to quality.?、On the domestic scene with renowned fashionIn the designer、His brand has gained fame。Also along Lichang Chinese traditional Chinese dressStyle to show better known.、He plays.And even the film's costume design is doing。1991Since、His eponymous boutique、ReichenSet up shop in the Raffles Hotel here。The clerk、To be surprised because it was a Japanese woman、Japan language course through、I will try really dress up and wear、Could meet Favorites 1。You with words of praise "suits" in the designer person Reichen said、Tone is take buy (laughs)

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RAFFLES SINGAPORE Raffles Hotel Singapore

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