Square stand to represent the Singapore merlion statue merlion Park


The country of Singapore and was、In Sanskrit, the word "Singapura"。This name is、One person was active long ago the little Prince adventure tale comes from。15Written in the century "Murray's diary", according、The Prince of Srivijaya empire flourished in Indonesia's Sumatra Island San Nila Utama、11To construct the new-century city、Went on a journey to find the land。At that time、In the Java language was called "tomasek (sea)"、When landed on the current Singapore、Prince meets animal resembling a lion with the Singapore River near white mane。So the Prince was named "Singapura" tailored "Pula" means "Singa" means lion in this area and town。Is based on this legend in the current lion is a symbol of Singapore.


The merlion, a symbol of the country、Lion's head has the body of a fish。It was previously named "Singapura" Singapore、In Javanese means sea "tomasek" was derived from。Tail of the fish is a symbol of the sea.。That is a combined name of the two representing the Singapore merlion。For an island surrounded by sea, Singapore、Both old and current sea trade is a cornerstone of the country。The merlion、Is also a symbol of the prosperity of the country.。Coming up with a unique form of lion's head and a fish body、Fraser Brunner had served as a curator at the Van Cleef Aquarium (now waste Hall)。He was also member of the souvenir Committee of Singapore。The merlion statue、Was made by the renowned sculptor of Singapore Lim Nansen said。8.6 m、Time it took to complete a huge lion statue weighs 70 t is approximately 10 months。1972September, 15th.、By the first Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew Prime Minister、Ceremony unveiling of the merlion。2009Lightning strike is undertaken in、As part of the mane and ears were damaged、Has now been repaired, has preserved the original。And behind the merlion 8.6 m、Even minimal lion 2 m-high rim of Nansen, was created、2It is a composition of recommended to be taken together。In Singapore、The merlion has 4 pieces in total。Sentosa Island 1、Here the merlion Park 2、On the hills of Mount Faber is a creature。And、The largest of the 37-meter towering Center of Sentosa Island Singapore merlion、And inside the entrance to S $ 8 (640 yen as Japan yen)、1The merlion legend anime screenings have been f、9The Mainland side views from inside the mouth of the merlion F mouse observation deck、Visit to a further 12 F head deck、Throughout the island can enjoy a magnificent panorama of 360 degrees。Would be time、Please try going to come see 4 of merlion!


Merlion statue also said that Singapore faces.、Once the "three major disappointing", and that had been beaten down they say spiteful things may。1972The location of the merlion in the、It was at the mouth of the Singapore River near the Esplanade。However,、For guarding the Esplanade bridge after this place、It is the appearance of the merlion disappeared from the front。In addition、The merlion was spitting the water flew initially were、There was a pump failure, and in later years the water has gone from mouth。Is such a pity "three major disappointing" and seems to have spelled out the reason for。


The merlion now smoothly continue spitting water、2004In April,、The merlion was moved to the current merlion Park。In the background of the merlion now once again water spit like that、Among the skyscrapers of the magnificent Fullerton Hotel and Raffles place。In addition to the other side of the Marina Bay、Tun-Huang and the Esplanade-theatres on the Navigator and I wonder if building is lined with。And the building of three towering opened in 2010, the merlion at Marina Bay sands、There were cosmic spectacle of the hanging gardens sands skypark、Starring from the front face of the merlion is it so long pier was built.


Merlion park filled with tourists who visit to see this every day、Now、In Singapore could be seen as one of the most impressive views.

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