Arab street can enjoy the Golden mosque and shops


Street with the exotic atmosphere of Arabian Center Mosque Arab Street。19In the beginning of the century、At the beginning is moved Arab merchants、Many Muslims are living now。And even the mosque area、Getting time to pray in Al-Qur'an or Koran (Muslim Scriptures) nice。Many Malays cloth and basket shop、Will tourists ever visit area。In the narrow alleyways lined with fashionable shops、New shop has opened in succession。BUGIS Bugis MRT station is preferred。The area around、Young people together、Include shopping center、The intersection in front of crowded with people coming and going。Also in this street in the Arab Street、The most distinctive ranga、Haji Lane Haji lane is a stylish fashion shops.


Near Bugis MRT station、The street on the way to the Arab Street 1、Shops and local designer clothing shop and grocery store、Many cafes also line。House 2 storey shophouses called sort.、Is quiet, very stylish!


While many restaurants are covered with wall art and shop、Simple and true. There are eye-catching on the white walls in pastel shades window restaurant。China town、Little India、And the Arab Street have seen streets alphabetically、Arab Street is very beautiful town many stylish shops.


Here the main Arab Street。


Arrives in the Arab Street、It is always enters the eye of large amounts of fabric shops。Studded with colorful fabrics。There are only like women in street shops.


Cloth fastened around the manikin body、Original is Malay clothing、Who are good at sewing、And choose a favorite pattern, buy、Favorite clothes or twist、Would be nice to use bags and accessories。It colours, arouses the buying patterns of exotic (lol)


Is tempted by a beautiful Arabian-style glass perfume bottle、And stores it in the perfume shop、Me let me sniff various scents。Surprisingly none fragrance elegant and subtle sarcasm no scent.。Smell is also kind of from any harmonic、I will make even the original perfume.


Right in front of the mosque to the Bussorah St. Bussorah Street。At pedestrian-only street established、Both sides in the souvenir shops and cafes、Complete Hotel Spa。Popular souvenirs from Singapore、Uniform shopping is available up to Arab and Malay-style gadgets!


Is Arab Street neighborhood Center、Is said to be the largest in Singapore this "Sultan mosque"。Many living people who believe Islam in Singapore、The mosque is all over the place、There are also people of Malay-Muslim Malay village。And is the area around Arab Street "Kampong Glam"、An important place is history for the people of Singapore Muslims still.。The mosque of Islam prohibit idolatry、Many things look simple.、"The Sultan mosque"、In the building itself is impressive、Emitting glowed Golden big Quba (onion-Dome)、Feel the Majesty。The Muslim people、1To pray five times a day is called "sort"。Worship practiced the "Sultan mosque".、Time outside of the sort、It is possible in some mosques in travel and tour!

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