Cape Town, South Africa and Singapore journey、I went back to Japan safely


Thanks to the shuttle service to Singapore Airlines 18 hours、Can Singapore to travel slowly in dense、A happy one day。You can leave safely、AlsoChangi International AirportTo the back.


From B1 of Terminal 3 late at night around midnight by the time gimpp。


Frightening as thanks roamed the limit of physical strength or because、Late night flights because?、Finish set sitting pillows and blankets on a specified sheet、Able to sleep as early as bakugan mayu mode。


From Changi International AirportCentral Japan International Airport (Centrair)Until the、After approximately eight-hour return flight、Was able to return home safely.


Long short anyway、We managed to finish the week I enjoyed South Africa Cape Town and Singapore's travel diary, this is the end。Now、Visit the country next!

Singapore transit chapter table of contents click here


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