New "miracle lounge, rest of the suvarnabhumi international airport

"NepalFederal Democratic Republic "from the non-stop flights to Japan because、"Thailand international airlineAt the flight of "、Become a gateway of ThailandBangkok (Bangkok)The "Suvarnabhumi international airport"To once the transfer we will! 18:30 Thailand time arrived time、Window spreads all of neon signs! Greetings in Thailand、Savadirklac (pool) / Kerr (สวัสดี ครับ / help)!

"Thailand international airline"The staff all come to the wheelchair request confirmation、And gave me directions to the next flight!

"Suvarnabhumi international airport"The big hub airports for、Appropriately with difficult taste in a wheelchair! Because they can afford about 3 hours until the next flight、To take a rest will be guided to the lounge!

"Suvarnabhumi international airport"To to to 3/6/2017 new as seventh lounge was born on Concourse D"miracle lounge Mirackle"! Also seePriority Pass Priority pass", Because it is in the lounge into one、At the reception desk、Priority card and passport、You enter the submit a ticket!

The lounge is in the margin is large and spacious bedrooms and bathrooms、Using simple, soothing taste Interior feel good atmosphere! Shower room is also equipped to cope with transportation for a long time, it is useful!

To counter、PC is equipped with、Free Wi-Fi-only lounge, you can use the Internet。Because there is an outlet for、It is possible to charge the battery!

Eating and drinking in the Lounge will be self service free!

You can warm hot dish、Even sources such as variety has!

It is also available, such as sushi in Japanese、Cold Pinchos type of easy-to-eat hors d'oeuvres, fresh salads and fruits, are rich in、From light snacks can be enjoyed desserts all entrees!

In a refrigerator、Introduction to alcohol、In the soft drinks are fully stocked、Of course equipped with coffee machine, etc.

But above all I'm happy、Hot Thailand dishes in the central kitchen is made per order! In the glass-fronted kitchen overlooks、And filled with the presence、We are keeping clean!

Who makes a Thailand's local chef Thailand dishes!

"City AO (ก๋วยเตี๋ยว) and then me (เส้นหมี่) rice noodles"With moist chicken and the broth was light and、Micro noodle rice noodle "Then me (เส้นหมี่)"Order!

"Khao man Gai (ข้าวมันไก่)"Topped with chicken boiled rice cooked in chicken broth、Chili Sauce you overIt is a popular dish in Thailand!

"Then me Pat (เส้นหมี่ผัด)"Micro noodle rice noodle"Then me (เส้นหมี่)"Thailand with fried rice noodles are!

The alcohol to drink.、Taste the atmosphere alone、Pour ginger ale into a champagne glass and a toast! Because you body was cold, keeping both ankles for、Potage soup rich with warm, spicy dishes prepared from the core of the body!

At night the 21:30 at boarding time attack、Tour members will join!

"Suvarnabhumi international airport' More 'Thailand international airline"In the、Japanese"Narita International Airport"Up to approximately 5 hours and 50 minutes of flight!

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