Affordable Thailand cuisine lunch at stalls in the Park c loan market markets


Largest persists for more than 50 years in Bangkok flower market
"Park c loan Pak Klong Market (Thailand language:Pak Klong Talat Talat = market-"In the explore all over and、
Just、During the lunch break and、Here you want to take the lunch here and I was going to。


When、Suddenly、Thailand food fragrance and it goes、
Local and discover the tourist stalls!
Staff is very friendly、Pleasant and helpful!


The menu is、Simply Thai is like selling!


While visits to Thailand、Street food yet we experience。
Now health aspects such as water and food under the blazing sun.、It is one element of self-indulgence out of concern。
However,、And the local shops in the markets in、
Equipped with water and、Is also a huge refrigerator、Beat that。
More than anything、Good smell、Only sense where the people gather in the safety element is。
In flavoring Sweet-Sour smell of Thailand、I begs the appetite further!


Very good scent pad has been carried onto the table!
A pair of disposable chopsticks、Because one in a plastic bag、You can rest assured that the hygiene side。
Basically in Thailand、Unlike Japan、As with water in the restaurant above the intermediate level of the hotel and can not、
To bring bottled water?、Or let's order drinks。
Flies fine but often flying in the air、瞑rimasu eyes (laughs)


Padthai with Shrimp 60 THB (Japan yen approximately 220 yen)

Pad Thai (Thailand language:ผัดไทย) and the、It's sweet and sour noodles in Thailand。
In Thai、Swish "FRY"、Thailand means that the "Kingdom of Thailand"。
Topping ingredients、Shrimp or chicken、You can choose from pork, etc.、
Many systems use flat noodles stir-fried rice flour from a few mm in width、Chewy texture becomes a habit。
In a separate dish、Fresh bean sprouts and green onions、So come accompanied by Mathew、
Mix、Entrees, enjoying the texture will be.


"Pattgapao rad Cao kidero guy Khaw rard kapoaw" 40 THB (Japan yen approximately 150 yen)

Pattgapao in Japan has become familiar with the official name "pattgapao rad," says。
In Thai、Swish "FRY"、Gapao's 'Holy Basil'、Is the "rice"、Guy is and means 'chicken'、
Basil fried rice (chicken versions) is。
Don't forget to CAIDA o = "fried egg"。
A fresh Holy Basil flavor with Teriyaki-seasoned rice fit better、
We recommend eating while mixing, crush the fried poached!


Thailand cuisine which taste of typical basic seasonings, "PLA" is。
And、The PLA、Is appended to the pungent + acid + flavour、Will this "pricnampler"。
Hang person pretending to Cook Sweet and sour taste、Changes in taste spicy and full of flavor!
Spicy and sour stands out because、Acid gone a good spicy is limited!
Invited by the smell of food stalls、Suddenly you have this for lunch、
Delicious Thailand cuisine which really, Wow!
Now、By the way my stomach became full、Just、Become a private boat pick-up time。
Youth-Peppers Pier Yodpiman PierIn the wait for arrival。
Able to enjoy the shopping and lunch、It's about time "THE SIAM"To think you want to go back!

Park c loan Pak Klong Market(Thailand language:Pak Klong Talat Talat = market-
Location:Chak Phet Road, the Memorial Bridge or Yodpiman Pier
24Hours a day
(Note:Thailand food stalls operating time is unknown)

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