"Kamakura Komei" Old Private House Hotel can be reserved for rent! A high-quality inn where you can spend it with your family alone with spring cherry blossoms in the quiet Kamakura area!

*This is the information that stayed in March 2020.。

Away from the hustle and bustle of the ancient city of Kamakura、On a quiet residence area venerable Nikaido area、Have been passed down since the Edo period Minka full novation and、Opened january 7, 2019 as a high-quality old private house hotelKamakura Kome hotel Kamakura COCONRevisited for the first time in about a year

10 minutes by car from Kamakura station.、Within a few minutes of walking from Kamakura-gu, which was founded by Emperor Meiji、You will be offered a moment of peace to enjoy the history with the lush nature surrounded by mountains!

Here is、To operate the restoration of old houses and hotels & restaurants "Sakura co., Ltd. succeeded"Became the No. 1 series launched as a brand now and then、While retaining the charm of the old house was built in 0/1855 (1855) built 163 years old full novation and、An old private house hotel full of a private feeling of two pairs per day to be open for 180 days only in accordance with the new law of mindomari

This time the、To prevent infection of the new coronavirus、We will stay here by charter reservation!

About three hours of drive between breaks at a faster speed than Hamamatsu City where we live。
Retro "Enoshima Electric Railway" runs、There is almost no sign of it along the coast or in the city, which is usually bustling with tourists.、There is a quiet and calm air flowing
Kamakura。When you arrive,、In the back of the parking lot, a large cherry tree which was in full bloom appeared.、We offer spring visits and healing to Kamakura Kodate!

Also in the management company representative Manager inMATSUMIYA, Daisuke (Daisuke Matsumiya)Welcome to He greeted me with a smile.

If you go beyond the Bronze Gate,、Invigorating nature is surrounded by trees、A luxurious Japanese garden with the flowers of the four seasons is in full bloom.、There is a private space as if you had set foot in a separate house!

Rich and elegant Royal Blue with a peaceful sign goodwill jumping through hoops.、Boasting a spacious entrance。
Shun Kawakami, a Japanese artist who is active as a graphic designer, was involved in the work.、The theme of "Coast of Kamakura" is welcomed with flowers、The taste that makes you feel nostalgia and warmth、It creates a peaceful atmosphere as if you had returned to my home!

The accommodation for、101And only two rooms of ancient and modern Maisonette suite (88 m²) of the room, and warehouse Maisonette suites (82 square meters) of room 102、Subjected to renovation while taking advantage of both the historic Japanese style、Japan garden from a different angle, pleasant atmosphere and damp!

This time the、You will be indebted to the "Kotome Maisonette Suite 88 m²", which is different from the room where you stayed last time.

Here is、In a maisonette-type suite where Japanese and Western coexist、The living room with a mini-kitchen becomes a Western-style room.、Simple and stylish design furniture、Easy-to-use dining table and relaxing sofa、To provide you with a comfortable time、It makes your stay possible while feeling the convenience as if you are at home!

Here are equipped with free Wi-Fi、It is possible and private Concierge in a telephone Handy bit noisy outside the room will corresponds in 24-hour call!

Also、CD or DVD of the film、Equipped with AI speakers even better acoustic "Harman Kardon (Harman Kardon)" with "Alexa (Alexa). in addition to the books-ALLURE (ARIA)、"Alexa! Jazz music! "、"Alexa! Raise the volume! "Such as the attendants to meet me.、There is no shortage of background music, which is essential to our lifestyle!

There is a fridge under the mini kitchen.、Drinks (beer)、6 seeds, soft drinks etc) is all will be free!
Established a coffee Espresso machine、Three kinds of tea (this time, hat tea、Yuzu Green Tea、Luibos Green Tea) Healthy Tea。The electric kettle、Has furnished the BALMUDA The Pot!

In the back of the living room、connected to the powder room and the rest room.、When i opened the glass door of the crate、There is a half-open tub with a view of the trees in the garden.、 24The bathtub to keep the hot water warm at the time、Delicate foaming like milk and a micro bubble bath for beauty and health、As long as it is glad to be able to use it willingly!

In the drawer of the toilet、Including the dryer、There was a staff、Is base item、Yuka Takashima, who was a pharmacist, is a popular botanical skin care made for people with sensitive skin、Matin et ÉTOILE-Matan ee etal- is a rich natural fragrance.

2On the second floor, there is a japanese-style room and a bedroom with a sense of openness overlooking the garden.、The view of the garden looking down from the window is wonderful.、You can spend a quiet time feeling the harmony of the trees swaying in taisho glass!

Twin bedroom swells!
The "airweave" solid bedding mat with the slogan "The Quality Sleep" promises the fastest and highest quality sleep.

Because the restroom is prepared on the first and second floors,、The restroom while going to bed is reliable, too!


Take a break after a walk in the garden at sunset。
Evenings, birthday、Beautifully dyed blue sky and soft light that is lit in the room give a pleasant warmth。

2The garden which can be seen from the Japanese-style window of the floor is monopolized, too.。
Brewed tea at the table with the flowers blooming in the garden、Thank you for the kamakura's famous confectionery "Krumiko" prepared for tea sweets.、Let's spend a while quietly until dinner time!

All ages Kamakura (Kamakura Cocon)
Address:Kanagawa Ken Kamakura Shi Nikaido 836
TEL:0467-81-4435(Phone hours:9:00To 18:00-

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