With private relaxing summer stamina in Akasaka-Mitsuke Grill gate gate beef!

Tokyo, and within 3 minutes ' walk from Akasaka-Mitsuke Station conveniently situated、Drugstore tomod 2f Akasaka hitotsugi Street facing roast meat shop "Barbecue gate gate Association"To!

Here you will、Vision not to market beef "and baby cow" you can enjoy other、Using top grade Sirloin that celebrities and entertainers "special three-second loin", enjoy the finest selected ingredients!

The barbecue store、Will my brother-in-law, and with her husband brotherOzawa Atsushi (Jun Kozawa)Coming in on a regular basis, and also that one of the stores operated by Kun.、This, according to Tokyo branch、Let's work meeting after dinner!

Shop、60While providing a seat seats、Beginning with room dividers、Private peaceful because as a private space in the family、Also、Will be a very useful space for customers in meetings, etc..

First of all,、Make a toast with "beers (malt).、My favorite from "luxury thick Tan 3200 Yen!
The thick slices with cherry chips lightly smoked beef tongue、The smell alone so go rice!
Surface is browned and fragrantly cooked crisp、While enjoy plump juicy!
We then cut to size with scissors-easy-to-eat、Gravy spread filled with springy texture and every bite so I drowned in the mouth!

"Seasonal vegetables baked 900 yen、Eggplant、Onion、Green peppers、Pleurotus eryngii、Red and yellow peppers, roasted with tender sweet miso!

Yakiniku、You can select from the "salt or sauce.、Our salt like a heartbeat, "salt" to order!
When、Manager Kusama hero-Kun came carrying、What! It is a treasure chest!
Appeared from around the treasure chest、Four was entitled "a gift from the ancient" salt chunk!

"Salt of the Guérande (France) in the"pink rock salt (Pakistan).、そして世界で最も希少価値が高いイランの「ブルー岩塩」にミネラルを豊富に含み硫黄の香りが堪らないパキスタンの「ブラック岩塩」が並びます!
もちろん塊はあくまでも演出の一貫で、After that、細かく砕いた塩を用意してくださるので、Enjoy your favorite flavor!
And drawing sweetness of the meat flavor of sulfur is powder's personal "black salt.、It is highly recommended!
In addition、Called Araucana chicken egg with blue egg of happiness over your meals here, enjoy "TKG(Egg over rice) 800 yen "is a fine、Recommend sprinkle soup soy sauce and "black salt" on here!
The drift of the sulfur odor [TKG]、Fall into the trap like a poached egg、Puffy was sweetness and richness of the yolk that has much richer ones to me!

As a good-value menu is a good idea、"Special 5 Prime (two servings) 4600 circle"!
In a platter consisting of Chef's choice meat of the day、ChefTakahiro iinuma (Takahiro Iinuma)Would recommend meat-Kun!
On this day、Out Bala、ミスジハラミ、Loos、カタサンカクの5種を美味しく堪能!

東京の皆さん、Please thank you "barbecue gate" in Akasaka-Mitsuke!

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