Mini kaiseki lunch of seasonal ingredients served at the owner's omakase of Japanese restaurant "Shin kappo Swada"

Using seasonal ingredients that increase in taste with the change of the four seasons、Japanese cuisine that carefully values the taste of the ingredients and serves them without any effort and effortShinkapo SwaHospitality lunch of the shopkeeper's omakase with two people of the real estate industry of Hamamatsu!

Place、From Shizuoka University Faculty of Engineering, go down the slope on the way to the Super Housewife's Store Tomizuka Store、It's just beyond the danko river bridge.。It's not even the main street.、Become a shop of hidden existence、Every time you visit, it will be your favorite place to calm down!

Previous、I used to visit Tomizuka when I lived there.、After I moved, my feet were far away and I was a lot of talk.、I was relieved that my husband remembered when I put in the reservation phone!

The store has 3 counter seats and 4 half-private table seats、There are 4 seats in the 炬燵 of private rooms、It has 4 seats in the back room。Lunch is popular, such as 1,300 yen for a limited edition of 20 meals and 1,750 yen for "Kozen".、If you present the amount in advance and make a reservation、You can enjoy the omakase course of Atsushi Sawada, the owner、This time, we have pre-booked a mini kaiseki course (reservation required) for 3,000 yen!

I have a private room today.、You can enjoy your meal 炬燵 your feet in the small digging room!

Mr. Atsushi Sawada, the owner、Kanto、Hotels in Kansai、Independent after gaining experience at Lake Hamana Royal Hotel、We have a store that serves as a home、2006It is open in the spring of 2008.、This year is celebrating its 15th anniversary!

Sawada's commitment is "don't leave it in place so that you can eat it in the best condition"。
Due to the、After the order is placed, I will order sashimi.、Fried foods、Because you can start cooking grilled food、somewhat、Let's go out with plenty of waiting time!
We、Even the time to wait is also one of the pleasures to see sawada's detailed work、Until it comes out.、While responding to the gentle voice of the landlady who is the wife、We will have a good time!

While ing cold barley tea、Waiting for a while。A set with two-stage 1,000-step baskets and small bowls was brought!

I'd like to ask sawada-san, the owner of the shop.、I also wrote a letter! Nice handwriting as usual!

It looks beautiful.、Small bowls that can feel fine hand work!

"Small bowl"

"Umsa", which is indispensable as a cold vegetable without knowing summer, 鱧 "Umsa".、Add kinshi egg to the color、鱧 enjoy the texture of the rice and cucumber、With a refreshing taste!


Eggplant and peach with thick walnut sauce、Ishikawa's Bigai、Three kinds of princess bowls of Szanani Arima ni!

"Difference (sashimi)"

For sashimi.、High-quality fish kochi that is said to be "summer kochi to winter river pigs" appeared! Koci no Kombu that you can enjoy a crunchy texture while enjoying a light taste、Kombu of sebum、It is a three kinds of red squid with a delicious softness!

"Grilled food"

Fukui, the owner's parents' home, grilled sweetfish caught in the Hino River.、The body is soft and soft、The taste oozes firmly and is ideal for accompanying rice! This is a sweetfish that Sawada's father caught! Sawada-san is already 56 years old.、Your father is in his 70s and 80s even if he is young.、It is young to do ayu fishing energeticy!


Simmered yam and pumpkin、Mananji Temple、White Datsu、Octopus simmered。It is said that it is boiled over time over low heat so as to include the taste.、It has become an elegant taste that really makes use of the taste of the ingredients、"After all, Japanese food ♪" and I look at each other involuntarily and feel at home!


Tempura、Salt or dashi soup sauce。We are solely salty! Angel's shrimp is fried in the head and clothes.、The aroma is irresistible! For lotus root with good texture、You can enjoy the aftertaste of the refreshing scent that pulls out to the nose、The tempura of eggplants and vegetables that you can enjoy a melt-in-the-tongue is also exquisite!

"Rice、Guk (soup)、Pickles.

Rice accompanied by a connection can be substituted、The soup is red dashi miso soup.、Three kinds of incense and a very satisfying mini kaiseki!


Water confectionery、We also recommend to Sawada and his wife"Angel Sound MuskmelonI want you to eat、Let me bring in the best food、Finally, they offered it! I was at a moment of bliss that tightens with a mellow fragrance and elegant sweetness because it is angel sound muskmelon!

It seems that there was an order for catering at night.、I was busy with preparation.、I was happy to see your face looking energetic! I would like to go to the beans a little more from now on! Sawada-san、Madam、Please take care of your body!

Shinkapo Swa
Address:1101-37 Tomizukacho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00、17:30To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:Sunday (*8/8-8/31):Please contact the store for business hours during the priority measures such as prevention of spread)

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