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Misato kitchen now absolutely recommend Roundhouse and rich Hamana Lake of Fried oysters!


Had a bakery in a converted House called "roundabout" to Park solder solder mount is in a quiet residential area of Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi!

Retirement declaration that Madame kept Baker 15 years or so where the opportunity to、KANEHARA Yoko in the Madam's daughter is in the couple's husband、2016December 8, reopened as restaurant misato kitchen (kitchen Misato)!

From parents of Yoko's master was known in Iwata dining "taste-no-Sato (Misato)、Leave the name "misato kitchen (Misato kitchen) "And it was named!

From desire "genres in delicious and we provide.、I think in a couple really delicious food provided、Lunch lunch deals、À la carte evening drinks are allowed to perfect lineup!

We have kept all our fans、And enjoyed the personal lunch here on a regular basis、As a second home kitchen、Will be one of my favorite shop!

Shop、In a space filled with the warmth of wood、One severe photos of the kitchen over the counter plate、Given the bright colours of Western-style tiles and wallpaper and cosy atmosphere、A seat at the table covered with tablecloths and colorful Marimekko (Marimekko)、High female force of Interior。On the floor at the back of、And a variety of sofa seats suggests that the trees in the garden、Unleash a spacious impression.

Lunch menu "today special menu" or Hamburger Curry、Pasta、Tempura、Such as appeared in a wide variety of table d'hote-style!

We had decided "Hamburger" and "curry" pattern, which is standard、1From this time until February "Hamana Lake produced oysters fried with homemade tartar sauce served with", 1650 Yen is definitely recommended!
The oyster flavor is dark this time of Hamana Lake、Although the purchasing power varies by day、More interest in extra large sizes、Size of a surprise heavy enough!

Fried oysters breaded well and is kodawara in the bakery's freshly ground bread crumbs、And a huge Fried oysters and light finish、Soon struck crisp and sound a sour note with a creamy smooth pre fluffy in texture rush、Dying in concentrated minerals of foaming and mouth wide and delicious!

In the homemade tartar sauce finely chopped vegetables with plenty of、Can be enjoyed with whipped cream、Another chuno sauce to be served with、At your choice。Lemon topped with sour lemon、If 1 aperture gugus、It is possible to enjoy three three-way!

Mixed red rice, healthy food made with homemade miso soup is delicious and full of flavor with ingredients of radish and shiitake mushrooms、After dinner relax in "TEEJ" tea and。Really lunch the wind Ranch is sincerely relieved to taste!

The season variety still at the store "oysters fried" enjoying the、In Hamamatsu Misato kitchen is No.1 right now!

Misato kitchen
Address:5-19-20 mountain Handa Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi
Hours of operation:11:30~ 14:00、17:30-21:30
Closed on Mondays:Monday、On the third Sunday

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Thanks to the guardian deity of the lovebirds 'happy Valentine's day"! "aru" Toyohashi open! Of the delicate cuisine of France and Japan wine
Thanks to the guardian deity of the lovebirds 'happy Valentine's day"!
"aru" Toyohashi open! Of the delicate cuisine of France and Japan wine


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