Thanks to the guardian deity of the lovebirds 'happy Valentine's day"!

Thought not honmei-choko to customers who、
With appreciation the Giri-choko、
Her friends from this yoroshiku?! The "friend chocolate.、
For my reward-choko、
Japan women in many ways for busy Valentine's day!(*́Д ' *)Bruno))

"For the lovers" and is principally in the world、Tend to be male to female gift St.Valentine’s Day(Be é ∀ ' Nono & # 8217s; '-Chi & # 8217s; ' ° Chi

Japan benefited from Valentine's day sales of the company's unique chocolate culture.、I am also every year、Husband with love and gratitude, handmade chocolate candy to the people(Man-́ω '-)♪

This year、Not crispy、Made in moist and bitter taste "adult Gateau chocolate cake.(° ∀ °)-& #8216; ' ¨

"Blister and Japanese restaurant"The new beans Rwanda produced popular bean"Karengera. 200 g 990 Yen with a Coffee Time.!!(= Be! ')People(Be é ∀ ' =)Yeah!!

To enjoy the rich aroma and cocoa "Karengera" high-class rich "Gateau Chocolat" sweet understatement is!(〃)Be Eulalia ')Delicious!!

Her husband never flattering.、"It still the most delicious ♪" and delighted me.((Be 艸 ' *))♪

"Adult Gateau Chocolat'
(Materials:15cm Hall-1 minute)
Bitter chocolate 50 g、Milk chocolate 100 g、Unsalted butter 60 g、2 eggs (yolks and whites separately, use)、Granulated sugar 50 g、Flour 40 g、Cocoa-powder-30 g、Powdered sugar as needed、Whipped cream 50 g (3 g granulated sugar) 、Strawberry 2、Mint dosage
(1) to butter the hot water melt the chocolate mix added
(2) the egg yolk mix
To muster the flour and cocoa powder (3)
(4) (2) of the (3) in a bowl mix
(5) granulated sugar, divided into three egg whites cooled in the refrigerator and whip the electric mixer.
(6) (4) of divided into three balls, rubber spatula at I-mix
Pour into spread butter on the type, put cooking sheet (7)
(8) type down and tap gently removes the air, by 180-degree oven 20 minutes.
Serve sprinkled with powdered sugar and then from the whipped cream with heart-shaped cut Strawberry Mint Casale (9)!

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