"Restaurant Misako dimple" street car along old fashioned restaurant with popular menu


Of our home "Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"Introduction、Automobile Street with many vehicle manufacturers across the Board along the known as old fashioned Western store "Yoshokuya Misako Kubota"To!

But this is old in the Hamburger is a famous shop、
Visit knowing the rumors was moved to Hamamatsu to be revisited since the。The soft wood grain feel nostalgic、It is a popular restaurant bustling with young and old couple!

This time the、Cruising with pride、Hassle free sauce and Curry cooked for three days "Hamburger Curry (¥ 1400)、Carved half a loaf of bread、While poured with cream sauce
Shrimp, whole and use 1 tails、I ordered "shrimp Gratin (1300 yen)" looks just tantalizing enough to set!

Set which is also marked with small salad and soup。

The shrimp Gratin、In the hot and provide、Under the cheese cream sauce was plenty!
Because hollowed bread with、It will be coverage of source with plenty of。While bread plays a role with little ears are also luxury!

The Hamburger Curry、From inception to trial, completed the menu.
Broth the Curry base sauce with chicken and dozens of kinds of vegetables and fruits、Hokkaido、Use plenty of high-quality onions kitami, Furano、Stir until melted.、Align and gently skim soup and stew about 8 hours。
And、20For mixed with spices over mushrooms and about 3 hours、Took 3 days to complete、Labor time to make Curry.

Pain is mild and、A small children eat、Vegetables sweet and savory spread.、Smooth and easy to eat Curry!

No shortage of popular restaurant、It will be one of the shop's casual style in the region are indispensable.





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