"Dining peaks" in the tasting of domestic honey production "Gamblin' man"


Located in makinohara city, Shizuoka on State Highway No. 150 shizunami seashore in front of my parents ' dining peak "is there!

And my parent's home once every few months.、Watching our energetic parents! Are still parents want to live!

My father suffered from eight years ago, early-onset dementia day care、She experienced a big operation in myocardial infarction was up wander、While taking care of my father now live quietly。By me inherited my brother's family business、And there's "dining peak" has been able to survive!

Are my father and family do not understand is relatively mild, but、May temper, waking to the rhythm of something。However,、We have been going in all families with dementia disease while。Good news is that、Close a number of times, if you talk to me、There can occasionally me with a gentle smile.。Old father might not come back anymore。But、I love my father.。

Recent、Is the chance to talk with people with dementia family members.、I try as much as possible would like to hear。Symptoms and talked to each other、"Oh yes、But care's very hard、It's seems somewhat childish and pretty "and no silly conversations or。In speaking to someone、Maybe someone will show understanding and sympathy with strong people。It's from、I think to understand how tough mother care want to talk at any time!

On this day、Kawamura Mitsuru's senior local beekeepers and "dining peaks", has Dinner Meeting!

Handmade Soba and I hit my brother I'd、Growth stock, I am overjoyed! Good luck.! With a daughter's wedding coming up in the spring of next year my brother know、I think father has built over the years took over the store we will like, really want to say thank you from the heart!

Before enjoying a meal, Mr. "or honey survey to cooperate to write a graduation thesis? "And have 24 kinds of honey in the world as well as domestically produced honey, come!

"Mochi" and "Lotus"、"Chi"、"Its vets.、From the road, such as "Acacia"、"Cena" Carpe diem "lemon and lime" and a floral aroma、Refreshing system or even、Or it's "Rosemary" and "coffee."、Sometimes oddities "Ethiopia hyakka" honey!、The different taste honey tasting! You could be very valuable experience!

The most aromatic and enjoy the sweet taste of fine honey、"Honey Boy", who built three domestic honey!

6Honey Moon "mochi" is a refreshing aftertaste taste。
7While "ryoubu", and honey is sweet plump aftertaste。
8Crow zannshou in the"honey of the month are flavor impact and glamorous, classy! A distinctive、Spices somewhere feels、Enjoy a refreshing taste、Better than ever received any honey, is a type of taste!

Mitsuru-San are you going to "static Okayama prefectural agriculture and forestry College" to now be learned about farming and working as a mock company agri challenge、In exploring sales channels in a variety of events! Next year marks the college graduation "Honey Boy" to expand in earnest in、Now、Containers and labels、And design packages、And are ready for business! If you are interested in honey Honey Boy we would recommend please contact lade!









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