Western h. pine winter oysters limited, very creamy!


As a Western-style store regulars who loved old tonkatsu main menu configuration in Hamamatsu "Western h. pine"The shops!

The Western h. pines menu、None are lined with delicious Western-style menu.、During this time and always see Hiroshi Matsumoto-San that I want to eat! "and I would visit every year!

It is a deep fried oysters and that limited is written on the Blackboard!

Using the oysters for clips from Hamana Lake、Cloth riding Oyster was fried lightly and he will。Of course in a juicier finish! Tender and flavorful homemade tartar sauce or regular source available in your favorite!

Lunch here is、Miso soup with rice、Pickles and adheres to the style of the old-fashioned Western shop、Guests can taste be relieved and feel nostalgia somewhere.

Served with vegetables、Hiroshi Matsushita's staple、Cabbage shredded with Peel peeled tomatoes、Spaghetti with ketchup! The dressing on the shredded cabbage、H. pine original went on sale over the counter, quickly became the most popular classic onion dressing! Vegetable man hates children and salads are good at、I dislike the onion... and is enough to overcome the weak consciousness of the people who said dressing!

Behind the scenes menu of simple 'fried' is not to be missed!




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