"Kopi Ibrik" Examine the specialty coffee of Turkey and Greece formula


Taipei8 kilometers to the North of the city on the outskirts of
American and Japanese schoolHeavenly Mother districtThe、
Foreigners in many units of area is a quiet residential area and。
ThatHeavenly Mother districtThe foodie of the Taiwan people's friend "Rakujin Osen (aka:Osen)"
Of the year4/16In Turkey and Greece-coffee café
"Kopi Ibrik"We visited because it was open!


With espresso around the world、And chef and food critic,、
World folk music scene is also the King of Middle Eastern musical instruments stringed oud player
OsenAnd it's is the name of the cafe "Kopi Ibrik"And say、
And world music cafe where you will find a delicious specialty coffee in Turkey and Greece.


This time we areladeIn the planning [To travel with a second series] As、
Be active in the world and activities in Toyama Prefecture
2 pairs of writers "Shimoo Design"The wooden instrument"Syouryu"The has traveled with a Tin-made instruments!
Familiar food from around the world including Taiwan in Taipei on the first dayOsenIs it in the works、
We have collaboration! (Xie Xie! )


OsenAnd it is towards the Cafe open、
Turkish coffee's eligible "STC"Has been taken.


"Lomi Tasha" Ethiopia

Rare beans in Ethiopia "Lomi Tasha"Making it will be!


We will grind the coffee beans were roasted handmill。


Turkey-coffee、In a saucepan with a copper or brass long-handled ladle type
Using the appliance、"Ibrik"For while
Put the coffee beans ground into powder and water.、We will add heat slowly over low heat。


"Turkish coffee"Also referred to as、Turkey-coffee style has been drinking as in the Middle East.。
Fascinated by mysterious coffee a unique tasteOsen.、
"Turkish coffee"The talked about their appeal.


Blowing bubbles、Down from the fire at the time was on the verge of boiling on the verge of overflowing、
If you repeat the same behavior is a rich Turkey coffee finished!


Next in line、Greece-coffee brewed person she is!


Here also "Ibrik"Using、150Times of Greece in a sand heat up coffee。
Puts his hands on the sand and can feel hot air charges!
Arrange original brewed more coffee Greece、OsenAnd it's rare specialty coffee beans in the way
"Columbia Pink bourbon"Fur!


Bruise on paper dripped boiling coffee and finished!


"Kopi Ibrik" of "Ibrik"
"Syouryu" the "Tin Paper (11 cm)"


"Kopi Ibrik" of mackerel-sandwiches 200 TWD (Japan Yen:About 720 yen)
"Shimoo Design "floating like the oval"


Of Turkey's famous "mackerel-sandwiches"Also has made the bat pot with homemade bread、
With saffron aioli, very helpful!


"Kopi Ibrik" of "Lomi Tasha" market、
"Baklava" 100 TWD (Japan Yen:About 360 yen)
"Shimoo Design" of "like floating, round tray"、In "Syouryu" of "Tin Paper"

Specialty coffee "Lomi Tasha"And
Turkey's famous Suites "Baklava:Baklava)"OsenIs it the idea
"Shimoo Design" Of "Floating like series"To seeSyouryu" Of "Tin Paper"Put the plate set!
Cup of coffee of the Showa era of Japan and the Middle East "Ibrik"In
Japan is the interesting combination of writers works and birth。
The Tin filled with natural wood and characteristicsOsenAnd I'm also interested in curious!


BaklavaThe most famous suites of Turkey said、Looks like a mille-feuille、
Here is to be thin layered every piece a thickness of 40。
On the pistachio、While at almond and Walnut、Rosewater and composite fabrics、
Cooked 50 minutes in setting oven to 160 degrees、If finally turned, the syrup is finished!
From across the whipped cream between the layers will be。
Roasted nut aroma、Flaky and crispy dough、
Moist gentle sweetness of fresh cream smooth compatibility with most delicious ♪


Turkey-coffee、After drank only skim
Then sank to the bottom of the Cup flour、Can coffee fortune in the attitude of the powder.


That powder is left in the bottom of the Cup scene,、Good coffee!


Regular customers who、And can talk about the coffee counter、
Coffee tie-wonder woman gives rim!


Bring your regular coffee beans have a sample,、
OsenIs it easier communication among customers, through space.


Free style are Palazzo CaféOsenMr. a、
Having plucked instrument oud player.、Arab music show performances!
Oud player in JapaneseYuji Tsunemi.、Profile and slurped out husband!
Only bundled in the Samurai hairstyles slurped did (lol)


Here isOsenAnd it's friendsYi sheng Lin:EASONWith
In a jointly-run Café and、My best friendEASONWhats up here!
EASONAnd me is、11/9birthday (Scorpio), The blood type B's Of the same blood type surprise who was rim! (Lol)
While beating the Tambourine with 3 people in the last photo!
"Kopi Ibrik"The、People of modest but comfortable flow、
Enjoy live music of the Middle East of percussion and Gengakki the owner 2 people play
Is recommended at a nice cafe.

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