Jcccnc bustling with Office workers deals daily and weekly lunch


Small restaurant in the back streets of Viola, "Hannari"Mr.。"Hannari"And the、In the chic and trendy words in the dialect of the Kyoto、Its name as Japan dishes seasoned with tasteful are provided at a reasonable price。Using the shopkeeper morning market directly sourced seasonal ingredients、Cooking seafood in pottery, Tempura and sashimi、Recommend that pretty cool。 Isojiman in Shizuoka sake from Japan sake、Will select the dishes to go with a wide variety of shochu and sake so Makino's owner.


Shop、Counter 6 seats、Table seats 4 people x 2 trim shop。Click here for lunch is very reasonable 6-7 products2Product options on Japanese 1000 yenAndReplacing the set menu changes daily and weekly set meal ¥ 900Provides。Because in this area there are offices and often used for salaried、Always crowded at lunch time on weekdays。13Time before it is cannot so、We recommend to the early hours.


Daily lunch special dry shrimp Tempura ¥ 900

Seemed to be a last meal of the day、Do you want daily lunch sales。But dry where you will find fresh fried shrimp Tempura batter、Deep-fried yet modest, a thickness 3.。And spread in the mouth flavor and crispy texture and dry shrimp with lots of。Salt in your favorite、Or hanging boiled breakfast!


Set the special appetizer (2 kinds) and "chawan-Mushi.

Boiled dried daikon and hijiki seaweed。Progresses in the only rice side dish。The steamed egg custard、Also comes with both table d'hote。Sweet sweet steamed egg custard。Size is not too big so good!


Miso soup with rice

Looks seemingly small, cylindrical Bowl、Because it is a teacup with a height、Even the men as I think of good food!


2Products choose from Japanese chicken fried 1,000 yen

6-From 7 choose 2 dishes like make your meal。This time the、Fried chicken.。Deep-fried crispy texture because it is fried in potato starch。In taste, with salt or mayonnaise.


2Products choose from Japanese "pickle tuna rice bowl '

Tuna on a roll of fat and pickled、Candied rice Nori with chopping and carrying on the tuna will serve side by side in the beautiful。If finally leaves onions and wasabi and when it is finished。Torotto sweetness is tuna in Wasabi will freshen up and melted,。This is 1000 yen for lunch every time I don't think。For even a little good even a little cheap to provide customers、It focuses on purchasing。It is thanks to such deals in the delicious lunch to eat in the city.


2Products set choose from Japanese 'salad'

Will potherb mustard and paprika with a colorful salad with Japanese dressing。Counter seats、We sat for the first time、MAKINO's owner and slowly even talk、It was a very enjoyable lunch! MAKINO、Thank you very much to late。Also、Tomorrow (laughs)

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 222-25 TEL:053-456-4008
Hours of operation:11:00-14:30 18:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku from Castle town 222-25

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