During this time Western h. pine always eat like saksakklymiyr oysters


Long-established restaurant Sumiyoshi Kaido along red bean mochi was opening of 35 years 'H. pine branch"Mr. a、Suffered a fire accident、2013 OctoberBetween more、That had been closed was unavoidably201311-10.The next bare 四tsu池 golf driving range、Former "La Oggi la Ozzy"And I was relocated to where it was 'Western h. pine"As a welcomed the long-awaited reopening、The other day1AnniversaryWas greeted。The storefront cafes seem to blame?、Recently, new person of or more women、Can freely layout tables、Is always very popular, and many bookings for groups。Certainly the old shop counter person of men often saw、Indeed of women who a person is seen。Is that it's just easy to enter space.


Is the atmosphere at Oggi's.、Shop filled with the warmth of the warmth of the wood construction is utilized。The number of seats、8 counter seats and tables 12 seats and Hiroshi Matsumoto-San earlier than、Has been slightly relaxed space。You can also get a look in the kitchen from counter。On this day、I stopped by after work on a weekday is、Crowded restaurant。When、His predecessor has been busy in the kitchen of the father and mother are。Oh my goodness? Shop ownerSuzuki, ShogoCum together to either? Even the "Parental loveSo the、Son of a beaverHolidayIt was a gift。From family friends have been operating here.、Feel at home air flow.、Even regular patrons in good will.。Now、Hiroshi Matsushita's menu、None are lined with delicious Western-style menu.、During this time and alwaysSee h. pine, that I want to eat! "I think it is。Still limited products you are looking for and on the Blackboard is written out was!


"Oyster" 1500 yen (rice、Miso soup、With pickles)

Hiroshi Matsushita's for a limited timeAlleAnd the、Exactly thisFried oysterFor that! Using the oysters for clips from Hamana Lake、The oyster was fried lightly and luxury six constitutes riding will。Of course in a juicier finish。Tender and flavorful homemade tartar sauce or plain source served with your choice。Served with vegetables、Hiroshi Matsushita's staple、Cabbage shredded with Peel peeled tomatoes、Is ketchup spaghetti。The dressing is served with shredded cabbage on、Moderate acidity h. pine original went on sale over the counter, became a staple of popular items during the two years of onion dressing。Vegetables hate kids、Men are afraid of salad、I dislike the onion... and said people find it difficult to overcome them、Dressing fans are!


"Rice、Miso soup、Pickles.

Hiroshi Matsumoto, not only at the time of this season hit from Hamana Lake oysters produced oysters、It is highly recommended!


"Cascara" 1230 Yen

Fried aboard spectacular fresh Fried Pork cutlet Curry。Pain is mild and、It is not timeless in taste and gentle old fashioned curry flavor。After the meal、And this weekend we talk about Maserati events、As well as customers regulars like this just recently Maserati take instead of the、He let me put flyers。In Hamamatsu and Maserati owners are increasing! Mr. Hiroshi Matsumoto、I will come again?!

Western h. pine
Address:3-5-17 y. Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, TEL:053-473-9134
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 17:00-20:00Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

3-5-17 y. Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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