Shinjuku Gyoen "Kokoro musubi" in fermentation with sake piadine, the thumb!


Marunouchi line "Shinjuku Gyoen station"More while being located 2 minutes ' walk、Standing in the back alley can deviate a little from the hustle and bustle of the city "KOKORO musubi"Mr.。Shop here called hidden area of the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden、Shopkeeper tasting masterIshida, HiroshiHer selection of sake brewers across the country、To fit the look then you rosacea、Owner visit to Tsukiji connoisseur and to examine the ocean's bounty、To finish silver received an order from boiled suzushi sell、With a hideaway、Any weekday, overflowing with people every night is a popular shop frog!


Reed strung behind the restaurant menus and Blackboard handwriting suggest is nothing folksy, friendly。Counter 6 seats、We have small table seats 12 seats、Staff it is owner、With Chef、3 name and Assistant staff、Shopkeepers are to communicate with your customers carefully as、Service is great, the cozy。On this day and stay in Tokyo、Stayed in this hotel for、Looking at late hours operates shops、Decided to suddenly come to this high evaluation by word of mouth on the net!


"Sapporo Lager beer akahoshi" 680 Yen

Showa retro white label store becoming fit and feel。A thick drink could meet。I'm happy for the、Light beam glassIn the US。Felt even delicious beer and kind、At once makes you forget work!


Show "cod NANBAN-Zuke、Seared with sesame.

In the sweet sweet-and-sour NANBAN-Zuke and seared with Sesame、Too happy this appetizer really hungry!


Appetizer soup pike conger

Have been chilly autumn night、Appetizer with the bowl in front of me、I instinctively foppish faces, happy voice was leaking (laughs) original (edible chrysanthemums) in vivid color in mind、The Conger is never。Elegant soup soup day getting stiff.


"Beans this (toubei)" beans this 600 Yen / smoked beans this 680 Yen

800Relax in Kumamoto, traditional tofu miso flavor。To hear that this plain-tasting beans and smoked by beans this、Whats your Jazz both wanted it a little bit at a time。It goes well with sake so dangerous! Put a little bit of chopsticks to Japan, SIP transport、Quick with a sake Cup。Smell of the beans this was especially smoked 溜maranaku want the booze! Because beans this and this look is also online shopping、Purchase will definitely (laughs)


Sake daishin States (Super spicy), Nagano, Matsumoto, 800 yen

Matsumoto-Shi, Nagano "Daishin State brewery"Let's drink that is。State of daishin's super dry。Food in sake (s)。In the clean and dry where you can enjoy the taste of drink。It's my favorite of the owner of this!


"Tempura pike conger" 950 Yen

Although the clothes are a little thick、Hokku (s) soft, delicious pike conger。In salt will be neatly!


Seasonal grilled vegetables "赤茄子 whole bottle! "980 yen

Newest 赤茄子 with plenty of flavor and sweetness are juicier, but enjoy the dish。Good scent with plenty of dried bonito in ginger sauce、Good taste、Good food is a triple.


Oyama chicken (daisenndori) round charcoal grilled 880 Yen

With elasticity and brand name Chicken of Tottori umami-rich Daisen chicken (daisenndori)。This plump grilled in charcoal、Much unlike the chicken's normal elasticity and puritsu、Is a rich, full-bodied taste in the chicken。Personalized with yuzu pepper, enjoy!


Sake "sparked the next person 9 squares (Nagoya, Aichi)" 1200 Yen

In the label"35.039, 135.034"The numbers say engraved。This figure is、Rice was cultivated rice it represents Rice's latitude and longitude、We know its harvested land and search in Google maps。And I watched who is not ashamed、Panasonic had pride, has been making sake takes up。Drift nuances of a grapefruit citrus aroma、By 9 flat the following series are overall citrus scent、Its especially strong smell and delicious.。Pleasant and refreshing acidity、It is delicate and smooth sake。10Pacifier in breweries and drink wine glasses at a temperature ° C or so still delicious and I。The longer the night、Are still many still to want to enjoy the、So I greeted the closing、Also I would like to on the occasion of the next。Tokyo night、In a quiet and trendy shops have enjoyed the warm atmosphere yet folksy!

KOKORO musubi
2-8-17 SY building 1F Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL:050-5868-0503 (Reservation number) 03-3355-3577 (contact only)
Hours of operation:March-Saturday 17:30-24:00(23:00L.O) closed:Sunday、Holidays

2-8-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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