"Far from drinking cucciolo" Finally I drink too much! Sake the Gotham tavern is on!

An Italian in the corner of shijimizuka archaeological sites along the White Street "Il CuccioloIrgcciolo) "Tavern operated"Rather than drinking cucciolo(nomidokoro cucciolo) "at a new year's Party held!

"Il CuccioloIrgcciolo) "The next door was the empty stores for、Doubles from ujihara chef of the owner and his wifeUjihara Nana (Nana Ujihara)Her two dreams give was "I think they want to go izakaya"、2017In March, "Rather than drinking cucciolo(nomidokoro cucciolo) "open!

Ujihara and Mrs. aiming to "enjoy vegetables and fish taverns.、"You want to shop and the middle generation! "And the tavern was prepared、Store ManagerTakeshita k. t. (Takeshita k. t.)Greeted-Kun、According to the commitment's sake and shochu、Shop our cuisine creative fun as drinking.

Also、Wang CHAN's two ideas like、Wang Chan became a welcome shop tour.、Shop logo、During the beer mug model produced two dog Boris、Shop over here studded dog items、There is a wrought iron hanger rack of the butt of the dog is also very cute!

Shop、Woody atmosphere on accent Chair Red、In the space to nagomi、10 counter seats、Table seats 10 seats and its compact size and、It is a cosy ambience is heard for the first time!

First of all, "medium beer" with 650 yen and "highball" 600 Yen! This year please thank!

Written on the menu posted on the wall and Board today recommended、So have a lot of little appetizers perfect for sake of、I noticed that one order!

"Forest changer's shop" 600 Yen
Flavor and crunchy texture and puritsu、Enjoy the sweet first taste、Or later invaded by hot type changer 2 delicious taste! White sesame seeds and Korea is 1 staff who served with Nori!

"Miso pickled cream cheese" 650 Yen
Seared by miso pickled cream cheese dish! Here in Sepang is concentrated among the fermented food、While we haven't on wine would be perfect for a dish!

Lotus root chips ¥ 600
The Lotus root sliced thin, not too thick not too much good thickness.、Crispy and fried、Enjoy with spice!

Condiment condiments was to desktop 0/1892 from Kyoto "Kyoto Ikkyu's chili pepper" and "Yamada made oil"Octagonal at the sesame oil-based、Pepper、Ginger、Spicy feel and flavor of spices, onion seasoning oil "comes with shock! Sesame seeds from... oil "will have done a good job!

Hot green soybeans 400 Yen
Soybeans provided dressing is hot、Coarse salt (NLP) is a sweet and、Guests can enjoy a pleasant smell of the beans!

"Regen cartilage fried" 600 Yen
Crunchy and Regen are nice you can enjoy yourself with the springy texture of the cartilage and puritsu、Lime will be squeezed tightly!

"Miso cheese natto fried" 2 pieces ¥ 400 (4 pieces set: 800 yen)
1In the two previous ordered for one person to eat! Enjoy the crispy texture of fried in、Simmering sticky natto and miso paste cheese slipped into the screen that has、Dish in the form like natto!

"Chicken fried" 700 yen
Our tightly focused lemon in Calipari's chicken karaage!

IMO shochu storage aging h. Yao (seem) bottle 4500 Yen
Brewery located in Kagoshima Prefecture "Tanegashima Island brewery"The representative h. Yao (pupils) and storage and aging、Undelying buttery, soft, mellow! In the rock and enjoy rich aroma、Sweet and rich、It is a potato taste mellow and very easy to drink!

"Ariake from jellyfish vinegar" 500 yen
Crunchy and palatable texture and translucent on the brink clagepon vinegar offers good food sense of compassion and comfort and to、Also tried the fried!

"Pickles" 450 Yen
Not too strong vinegar with colorful pickles!

"Spicy seared cucumbers" 450 Yen
In the cucumber hit comes good taste、Become a habit like spicy dish! Decorated with fried garlic is good!

IMO shochu all four seas (ittennshikai) bottle 4000 Yen
Also in Kagoshima Prefecture "Kokubu brewery"The sweet potato shochu maker Brewer and Mike Norihisa, all four seas (ittennshikai)!
The label remains in the impression of deep blue 1 red、The image of Sakura-Jima is surrounded by sea on all sides around!
"Red Hayato" using sweet potatoes、One mellow and full-bodied feel!

"Nagoya Cochin chicken egg and egg rolls ' 800 yen
Can feel the flavor of the Nagoya Cochin chicken egg rolls and the、To the sweet、Moist and fluffy! The radish sauce.、The adorable snowman!

"Hiroshima production Poker deep-fried fritters" 1200 Yen
The Fried oysters and wrapped in seaweed、You can enjoy tasty dish! Given in annex deep-fried juice please、Enjoy even when you do not bathe!

"Nagoya Cochin chicken egg over rice" 500 yen
Egg sauce meringue fluffy and took plenty of swag one soy sauce, put the egg yolks in the middle of the rice!
Insta looked bad.、Because it offers texture without ever light texture、After gasped to the finish is perfect!

"Winter vitamin vegetables and organic spices Curry poached egg" 880 Yen
Too cold this time of winter to catch cold meals with plenty of vitamins vegetables stomach keema warms the heart! Sweet fresh scent of organic spices and vegetable day. guests can finish dinner and stiff!

The second new year 1 staff、Much to eat、Great drink、Great laugh.、A happy new year! Also you want to go and shop more!

Rather than drinking cucciolo (nomidokoro cucciolo)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka Naka 4710-2
Hours of operation:18:00-24:00
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

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