Day's recommended wine "Levant" at the launch meeting Parties


Like a fine wine while having a relaxing time... to reminds me of、Hamamatsu is located in the Musée sakana-Cho Bldg. 2f garnishes town wine "Le Vin Le Van"Mr.。Unique wine bar、Enjoy countless of numerous wine and cheese matching、Would be suitable for adults who plays like a retreat for quiet time to place。Shop、10By using high-quality Walnut 腰掛kereru name as long as big counters、Relax on the sofa table is one.。Comfy chair、This fully self contained lower back、France decorated wall painterHenri Marie Raymond de Toulouse Toulouse-LautrecThe paintings attract the eye。To the bar counter、Embeds the natural slate and settled the entire floor space away.


Ice levain, interviewed after Ms. boxes filled with hungry。On this day、In holiday chef, had been operating in owner sommelier Katsuya Terada's solo。The latest time on Sunday、It seems relatively calm.


"Rising Sagnee Farr Farr rising Seigner 2013" Australia rose

Mr. Le Van、There is a day's recommended wines。Is also giving preference, you put out a good、Would be nice to leave it to Mr. Terada。Recommend this day、In AustraliaFarr risingThe Rosé。Young producersNick FarrThe carrier is、By Gary Farr on the great father、Chance's passion for food and wine。Childhood、And weeding in the Family Vineyard, spend、From graduated from universities、Work in the laboratory of the Rosemount estate.、The American Christ m and Au Bon Climat in vintage、And training the vintage meter four years spent at the Domaine Dujac in Burgundy with a series of family friend。Nick reflects the color of the individual vineyard wine、Characterized by extremely delicate and complex。Nick with a style different from his father's wines wines、In its individuality, each is receiving high praise。Beautiful salmon pink in red and has a smell of Acerola cherries。I don't think Rosé palate feels strongly、Is a wine full of lovely flavor.


Terada's natural body shot.。The recent、Are struggling (lol) so it seem slim to take at any angle,、The appetizer of the day、It was a "home-made rice crackers" made by Mr. Le Van! A (surprisingly) wearing a truffle-scented luxury okaki、It is finely cut the rice cakes, dried, fried。I forgot to photograph is delicious! Terada、Treat you to delicious wine we did!

Wine bar Wine Bar Le Vin levain
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 318-26 Musée sakana-Cho building 2 F TEL:053-413-1450
Hours of operation:18:00~ 26:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 318-26

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