France antique gadgets 'Violet violet Café au lait Bowl exhibition 11 / 3 (Mon), held in


As the building where young creators in the Hamamatsu City、Picked up, CASA BRUTUS kirsabrutas, have attracted attention "KAGIYA building' Within 'BOOKS AND PRINTS"San"KAGIAA CAFE cagiyacafe' With the same floor 2 F to France antique general store 'Violet violet"Mr.2014June 29th (Sun.)In the open since、You can feel the landscape of France in the town shop、Provides a moderate time.


The owner was a fashion designer was originally staying in FranceMatsushita and his wife。WifePurple (Yukari)Is it the hobby is"Hamamatsu City France antique goods to spread the word、As a fusion of old and new、In addition to modern life than old ones、Please send feel relaxed lifestyle.And hope strong、Click here to shop here to start a。The name "Violet violet"The、In France,PurpleAnd mean、Lovely wife name is name。Now in violet's、"Collection du Bol de Café au Lait Française Cafe au lait Bowl exhibition"And in the name of、Antique Cafe au lait Bowl feel the era are exhibited and sold。Various sizes、Colours and motifs、How to take a lovely、Lifestyle and spend good time with item one is me!





Holiday morning or brunch table with colors?、It can be looking for equipment that suits them、Such events are。Popular demand、To be held2014Years 11 months 3 days (Mon.)To be extended。If you are interested please come visit it.

Violet violet
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 229-13 KAGIYA Bldg. 2F
Hours of operation:Moon、Gold、Soil、Day 11:00To 18:00

229 -13 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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