"Michele" simple day out lumps and be healed Italy savour lunch

Italian food Italy regional sits and "Osteria da Michele Osteria da Michele"To!

Here is、From the shop has been open longer in accompaniment of Hamamatsu-Cho、Last year 2018, 11 / 4, (Sunday) the art form from being moved in front of the Castle reopened!

The entire storefront was removed by、Alarmed even the in-store appearance from the street、The warm atmosphere is bright sunlight poured、And space than ever ago, with soft comfortable、On the wall before the store similarly decorated amount of fashion magazine VOGUE! Seats, 14 seats and are comfortable with the size a bit spacious than ever before!

Hamamatsu Castle town from the original chef Chika Kazuhide (Kazuhide Mic Senga), The、After graduating from design school、And he cooks the way companies work through、After the country of Italy to Florence and Siena to stay two years, trained、1999At the local,、Own shop "Osteria da Michele Osteria da Michele"Open!

Even now opening 20th anniversary、Shop us on the regional cuisine in a rustic yet cosy warm hospitality.

On this day、We will transfer after the first visit、Home ceramics exhibition gave visitors French restaurant "Aru(Al)] of theSuzuki Takuya (Takumi Suzuki)Kun and his wifeSuzuki Aya (Aya Suzuki)Chan's lunchtime with his wife!

Lunch menu is "A Pranzo (Antipasto、Main course、Dish、Dolce、Drink) "3240 Yen、"Pranzo B (Antipasto、Main course、Dolce、Drink) "became two of 2160、Order the usual Pranzo A 3240 Yen even to this day!

Appetizers appetizers
Choose from two types of appetizers because、1One each orders!
Mouth melt smooth San Daniele ham、Tender and flavorful pork gelatin、Rich Florentine chicken liver crostini、Fried Apple hot, good texture and gorgonzola cheese、Beef and potato croquettes!

Appetizers "prosciutto Italy、Assorted salami, etc. "
Flavorful pork and salted, smoked by Bria、San Daniele ham、Fragrant black truffle and salami、Chianti wine salami。Prosciutto San Daniele in the appetizers which mouth melt better、Salty is nice and classy taste、Also enjoy wine with 1 serving of the best!

Pasta "Florentine-style spicy tomato sauce"colletierra"spaghetti"
Choose from top + today's pasta, 5 species!
The colletierra (Carrettiera) and Florentine cuisine and specialty pasta、In Italy, means "horse-drawn carriage to、It is a simple tomato sauce with pasta!

Pasta "home lemon sauce Linguine (lemon juice, small amount of cream cheese parjamino).
Let 湧ki立ta the appetite with a refreshing lemon scent、Put in your mouth moment of crisp acidity and served with exquisite cream come from mellow balance! Favorite 1 dish to order during this pasta is on the menu!

Country-style bread
Will be rich with pasta and main source!

Fish dish of the day "decoration of the Cod.
Plump sautéed black cod and、We will then cut, stewed vegetables and with salsa Verde sauce!

Meat dish "chicken best-chicken breast oven baked mushrooms with cream sauce" +110 ¥
Chicken breast baked with meat,、Shiitake and shimeji mushrooms、Pleurotus eryngii、Enjoy the different textures, such as mushrooms, thick mushroom cream sauce!

Dolce, "almond semifreddo with.
The women's repeat rate no. 1 this semifreddo、Good eating almonds are housed and、Dolce is my favorite.
Boasts a combined great coffee and friendly sweetness of flavor and adults!

Dolce "kumquat pound cake.
Kumquat offers this time limited pound cake、Bittersweet and semisweet are kumquat syrup sauce and meat、Aroma, as well as rich!

Drink coffee
After dinner drinks、Is is possible to change the SIP wine、Really is a mouthful! And have been appended menu from adorable! (Lol)
Along with the rich Dolce cheek I would likely settle down coffee while、I was able to spend some fun time with Suzuki and his wife!

Last photo Chikako chef Mr. and Mrs. and Mr. and Mrs. Suzuki-Kun!
At this time、Got to know the Senga chefs his age for the first time.、For us as early as this year's no. 1 news seems!

OSTERIA DA MICHELE (Osteria da Michele)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 218-4 access the original Castle 1F
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-13:30
Dinner 18:00To 22:30( L.O. 21:00-
Closed on Mondays:Monday-3rd Tuesday

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