Many visitors! Potters of Toyama my home salon will be held 釋 Yong Yue ceramic art exhibition

In the Toyama Iwase ceramic pottery "Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)"The works on display and、Hamamatsu home salon "Gaku Syakunaga Ceramic art exhibition "held!

Has been adopted in Japan Japan's famous restaurant chefs and luxury hotels、He now gets the attention from overseas work、One one be all handmade、Strength of the earth caused by soil with instruments to express、Will work with presence!

Such "Gaku Syakunaga"Of the 20 points including new works with us、Currently available in Hamamatsu!

The powerful creations、Chefs ' hearts in particular has to grab、Well the past few days many people had visitors!

Just the other day、"Method for many temple"The best visitors are like slow city has been held annually in a long relationship with Madame。

Also、Long period of time "THE HAMANAKO(Hamanako Royal Hotel) "for and served as head chef at the top floor French Bambocheur (bombosur)、Now in Nara Prefecture "THE KASHIHARA(Kashihara Royal Hotel) "on was assigned as head chefYoshiaki Toyama (Yoshiaki Tohyama)The chef's wifeYoshiko Toyama (Yoshiko Tohyama)With our visitors!

Madam who、Also are you going to various cooking classes and tea room、While many of the artists works are eye、Caught a glimpse on our FB "Gaku Syakunaga"The instrument also very intrigued me as、"Come if you can see the real thing! "And to pay us a visit, really glad!

Also、Toyama and his wife watching the instrument、Hot love face food and not in God speaks、From sons also work on lacquerware chef、As a father、As a chef、Walked into the same world from a variety of feelings though seems over、Please let the families love it very nice、Almost gone stiff time!

"I actually NARA has delicious strawberries.、Toyama, who inserted the microelectrode NARA large glowing red brand Strawberry "ancient China"!

At coffee time、Fukuroi home roasting coffee roaster "Blister and Japanese restaurant"Gave us a lovely homemade Strawberry Daifuku Shizuoka brand strawberries 'akihime'"Toraja"vision of Indonesia to offer coffee and!

At a later date、In the old Hana who insert Mrs. tohyama、Section Strawberry sand of life and make "Strawberry custard pie.、Enjoyed the day! Stunning yet in Nara prefectural agricultural research and Development Center is a large ancient city flower、Breeding lines of the Center [7-3-1,"" red cheeks getting pettanko "by multiplying the、Sugar sweet strongly seems a little expensive、Aroma rich fruity taste and features delicious,.!

In addition to another day、Toyohashi now attract the attention of French restaurants "Aru(Al)] of theSuzuki Takuya (Takumi Suzuki)The chef and his wifeSuzuki Aya (Aya Suzuki)Chan and his wife also gave us how visitors!

Favorite tune on that housewarming gift、Managed by champagne Taittinger Brut reserve (Taittanger Brut Reserve) has been cancelled!

While hand one of two、And with a staring contest!
Spoke with shining eyes when incorporating your own cooking excitement、The next time、in lade planning to travel with the series "Aru"With your introduction in collaboration might be possible!

Because we host a ceramics exhibition、Your reservation we look forward very much!

釋 Yong Yue ceramic art exhibition
Location:In Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Sasaki played around my home salon
Held:From time to time held (for reservations and enquiries, FB messages in)
Works:To become the flagship 'âge"started.、20Number of works will be exhibited (orders accepted)
* Tour of the exhibition is free of charge

At the same time from woodworking artist unit "Shimoo Design(Under 尾和, t. shimoo Saori) ' of work also!

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