Let me introduce aiming for jewelry artists 'Gallery irifune"young art students!


Toyohashi "Gallery irifune"Meet has been held at the"Shuki 6 Sen exhibition new year < irifune Tei > artists Shintaro ajioka said.

Ajioka, exhibited five-point set is、Using different soil、And in many ways than、Type in the same while sake different elegance daily life has been set at five points、Ajioka, seems clunky and our event in the works!

Mountain of Tin writers are also on this day, one of the exhibitors for Kazuki Iwamoto teacher had come in a couple、We became the happy reunion since the encounter in a ceramic House produced by lade Toyama 釋 Yong Yue Hamamatsu exhibition! We haven't!

Mount this teacher is now "At Shizuoka University of art and culture"The instructors will have been、This mountain is this teacher students、Has been accompanied by aiming for jewelry artist Yoshida hemp Bill CHAN、Had a chance enjoy showing the works of the young artist eggs!

Using a silver or Platinum、Fairy jewelry animals plucked from the world of children's books, such as the motif、Attention to fine details、Or feel like little life like heart warming creations!

And rabbit play the violin under the big tree、Rat race through the mushroom forest、Bears to collect stars and climb the ladder,、Story on the jewelry,、Giving the excitement of a dream! nice world!

I was fascinated with the world of her、Young writer Mr. will is a brand under the name of the rabbit was received autographed books!

This work was produced for the "graduation" is、But it is still impossible to sell with、I would support her upcoming activities!













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