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Stylish two-tone RC standing alone in the emerging housing city of Toyohashi and Navigare barium monuments、Certified Neapolitan Association certified pizza "PIZZERIA CIRO pizzeriatilo"Mr.。For Toyohashi as well as many people from afar to visit、Shop where you will find authentic Neapolitan produces the Naples oven。Next to it is、Cafe "bouquet bouquet" I will be。It is the Toyohashi、It still exists there are many fashionable to retreat immersed in the residential area.


Outside the shop with、Interior walls in very fashionable with the RC and quiet。Naples oven in the Center Ko of shaped counter seats 12、5Over the years、In Italy, you can enjoy witnessing form morigami's chef has been trained authentic pizza in Naples to pizza to bake.。In the inlet left side back、Semi private rooms can be about 1 Room 4 people。If possible, advance booking and、You would sit down at the counter recommended the.


On this day、All the way how Australia Brisbane, friends in the summer come into play.、Aspire pizza like 2 people there、To introduce here.。10Nelson years hanging out with younger sister of Izumi-Chan and the fiancee。She said、Last summer I attended the US couple's wedding reception since the reunion! (Happy) and I'm happy to continue.、The aura of happy shiny ring on her finger and together my sister news on mental / (here 勿体無くて, I can't write:Lol) can hear、Very happy with、And one day filled with happy me crying (crying) is too early、Is a full feeling too hungry ago lunch (lol)


"Parma ham、Arugula、Salad with tomatoes, "680 Yen

It would get to this salad to pizza Chambers。A hearty salad、We recommend to share along with two lightly 2 servings so that the。Along with aromatic Parma ham flavor and savory grilled summer vegetables with balsamic dressing to taste.


Owner morigami's family is said my neighbor in Hamamatsu。Always a nice fashionable attire is、Even to this day the bright pink color of pants had become cute Hat charm。My boyfriend taking tight moments where pizza dough、Indeed it is!


Rotate the pizza and adjust the temperature of Naples、Watch the doneness in earnest "。


The appearance in warm dishes on efficient kitchen and dishing the pizza?、It is exactly what a performer like rendition。Here you will、1So you can order you can enjoy two kinds of taste in half & half、This time, four half & half to each order, so the share、Able to enjoy 8 different。1So while looking one to eat here when you toasted、Hot from time to time it is possible.


So here is his wife will cut balanced、While enjoying the delicious and ready to process、Hot fresh views、Just just stuff oneself。In order to ensure、Matter free counter、座remasenn travellers are able without a limited number only。Anybody who will be waiting therefore often。But, for you prepare yourself!


"Basil Pesto (Basil、Pine nuts、Mozzarella cheese) & américaine (lobster lobster cream、Mozzarella cheese) "1680 Yen

And a creamy American was the salty, rich, vivid colors with basil sauce and shrimp flavor-packed half & half。The Ciro's Pizza、Rice ears out there ate everything and dust。On the other hand、Thin parts riding gear、Want to too many cheese trying from is rather unceremoniously beaten parkroyal on Kitchener road。If you like, changing the Buffalo mozzarella、+500Yen is possible!


"Granquiyo (crab marinara) and Funghi (mushrooms white Margherita)" 1680 Yen

Everything is arranged in a beautiful crab garlic。While enjoying the fragrant white mushrooms and fresh!



"Thurmont Luff (sauce for salmon、Truffle oil) and porcini (porcini mushrooms、Mozzarella cheese) "1680 Yen

This combination is、Like a magician of the fragrance、Star fragrances。Salmon、馨shi of the truffle oil they turn at the end, so、Porcini and attract nose distinctive aroma and rich flavor、In perfect balance.


"Quattroformadge (4 kinds of cheese) and gorgonzolamieore (Orange honey sauce with gorgonzola cheese)" 1980 Yen

The Parmesan half & half、The finish will be。Is feeling like the dessert pizza with honey sauce、Is good with wine.


A kind gentleman is Nelson's feeding、In the meantime、Designer Izumi-Chan is desperate to shoot a camera hobby。Severe tenderness I'll watch with a smile while she great pace on the Nelson、Pleasant as possible。Really out with him so cute!、And feels the blessing flowing from the heart!



2Years ago Nelson、But I could not speak in English only、In this reunion、Japan Japanese is really good, I was surprised! But occasionally took off the wrong Japan, too (lol) but still、The missing parts could spend really fun lunchtime through an interpreter of the Izumi-CHAN! From Hamamatsu to Toyohashi Petit expedition was、2People also liked were good! Next time、Come taste also our House stone ware roaster pizza!?!

Aichi Prefecture Toyohashi West saiwai-Cho AZA Beach pond 205-3 TEL:0532-21-8599
Hours of operation:11:30-14:30 18:30-21:30 Closed on Mondays:Thursday、3rd Wednesday

Aichi Prefecture Toyohashi West saiwai-Cho AZA Beach pond 205-3

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