"HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI" Facility introduction boasts the extensive presence in the compact


2015/SeptemberIn the newly opened in a bustling shopping district in the heart of Taipei in the East District
"Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)"。
Taiwanese "GLORIA HOTEL GROUP"And then run、
Current、Is a designer hotel in Taipei most attract attention!


Lovely reception staffYichen Chu (a.k.a.:Rita)is
To support us to return many times by shooting back and forth and、
Always with a friendly smile and opening and closing the door and welcomed! (Xie Xie! )
Blow away tired as most I lump her smile is very soothing!


1On the floor、"L’IDIOT BAKERY"And、Using wheat flour imports from Japan.、
Mouth natural ingredients such as dried fruit or vegetable bread、Cake、Selling desserts, such as。
All products are manufactured on the day、Will be sold in limited quantities.

TEL:+886 903 393 008
Hours of operation:12:00-21:00


Dragon eye bread
With plenty of nut bread
Rice bread, etc.


Focaccia and Danishes
Honey Pan

Bean serosal bread containing sunflower seeds, etc.


Fresh fruit tart、Mont-Blanc
Strawberry tart、Peach mousse
Chocolate cake, etc.


The front desk staffILin Fang)is、Carefully introduce the bakery to us! (Xie Xie! )
At least without question from guests in the hotel、"Something I can help you?"And、
Sparing the attendants to the guest staff、Always ask will position us to help them。
May be that the young average age of the staff、
All very light footwork、Could you please respond flexibly.


This bread "L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"In the、
Offers baked made every morning.
For bakeryBan soft good (Judy Pan)The Officer explained.


Of the staffMango Changis、We offer bread food greed that so (lol) go to the、
Give us free samples! (Xie Xie! )
Fluffy boobs and sweet flour Misty scent、Fluffy and soft texture and sweet taste that extends the mouth!


1In-floor Concierge、Let us visit points of interest in the facility.


Senior Agent exactly have ConciergeSpud ChangThe、
Japan is very fluent in、"I、Guide to SIMAS!"And、To introduce the facility! (Xie Xie! )


12On the top floor of、Equipped swimming pool、
While overlooking the landscape of ornate Taipei can enjoy swimming.、
Because it is not the heated、Can water only in summer season。
Complete with communal changing room、
Shower and change of clothes to swimsuit、Will be used as toilets.

Rooftop swimming pool
Opening hours:6:30-21:00


Show me theSpudThe first word is、"Kimutaku is love!"It was (laughs)
As you'd expect、Spreading around the worldSMAPIt is!
A very MerrySpudThe、"Celery"Kishita (lol! )
And actressYUI AragakiAnd I also said I love。
SpudThe、Only recently was the child born、5It is graced months baby boy!
Show me baby you're listening for their mobile photos "Cute ~!"And rub!
And、Look at the pictures of his wife "Beautiful ~!"Play upSpud(Lol)
The best husband I like & Daddy!
Friendly, FrankSpudWith great time!


A realistic deer taxidermy、Beautiful coat of fur, horns both eyes、
And gazing、I feel the illusion as if time has stopped?。


3Floor reception

3Floor reception is opening 24 hours for、Please respond at any time if you have any problems。
Here you will、American brand
"RH(Restoration Hardware from USA)"The carefully selected antique furniture、
With a gloss of velour with leather and different textured sofa、With sadness。
Adult private feeling a small reception、
As public space、During your stay enjoy a newspaper、
Tee times available, such as、Also features as a lounge.



Cocktail master of JapanUeno Hidetsugu.、
And are collaborative only in the world bar、In Taipei has become the buzz bar。
While respecting the classic and nestled in the cool, modern、
See how they have received support from the young in the middle generation!
Ueno HidetsuguUnder the supervision of、Guests can enjoy a special cocktails the bartenders were top notch!
So after dinner we visited、We will introduce later.

TEL:+886 903 531 851
Hours of operation
12:00-24:00(Sunday-Thursday)、12:00~ 26:00(Friday、On Saturday)


Ueno HidetsuguSan

50 countries around the world、Bartenders around 15000 people join、To compete
Cocktail competition 'World Class"、To elect the innovative talent with one bartender 50
"World Class 50"The site is up。
From Japan、Even in Ginza "BAR HIGH FIVE"The bartenders in
Ueno HidetsuguWho has been elected!


Afternoon Cafe are also available


Original cocktails


Enjoy cigars CIGAR PATIO


1In the floor by the Concierge、
Cool beauty staffJudy Chenis、
Carefully explained the restaurant menu! (Xie Xie! )
See the dinner menu、Leave any menu configuration for research in advance.



Fascinated by the glitter and crystal chandeliers、
3The chic restaurant feeling of openness in the ceiling to the floor、
Hotel owners in、Is also culinary DirectorFudy ChenIt was built up
Italian restaurant "TK SEAFOOD & STEAK' Is!
Fresh seafood direct from the fishing and fresh organic vegetables produced in subsistence、
In addition、Using a homemade aged beef、With rank's finest steak and seafood、
Taipei is a hot topic in the popular restaurant!
This dinner is here!
After、We will introduce.

Hours of operation


In the open kitchen experience!


A wide variety of fresh seafood


Meat loaf of the highest rank in the cellars!


Once、Return to the room、Enjoy leisurely moments in your room until dinner time。
Start Dim 17: too much.、
Sky started blue childhood come and take pictures!
Now、Next in line、HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEIThe introduces evening atmosphere.

Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)
No period of 56 Daan Road, Taipei Taiwan
TEL:+886 2 2711 1118

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