"HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI" Rooms introduction of different types boast comfort


Is located in Higashi-ku is a bustling shopping area district that becomes the Taipei center
Designer hotel "Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)"The、
And compact size 12-storey、
"Urban Room urban room"、"Classic Room classic room"、
"Deluxe Room"、"Premium Room premium room"、
"Proverbs Room proverb room"of
5Offers 42 rooms all rooms are composed of rooms ♪


Taipei coverage trip 4-on the last day of the 5 day、The hotel was practically、
We have、10Floor "Deluxe Room"To take care now!
This time the、5Type in "Urban Room urban room"And
"Classic Room classic room"Let me see each in、
3I came to the reception on the floor!
Deluxe RoomThe view click the article link below for more information!

"HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI" stylish and classic Deluxe Room


Manners and gentle, gentle, lovely staffDeborah Yehis、
Can you show a room!
DeborahThe Japan language speak、Japan seems like、
Showed me a photo of own mobile photo album in Japan ♪ (Xie Xie!)
She not only、In Taiwan "Japan and Japanese people love!"With so many people who say、
And、Things are always friendly to me。
To the people of Taiwan think Japan is in our country in such a way、
And people of Taiwan will have a hospitality from the heart、
While conveying my gratitude、We can deliver the information exchanges between Japan and Taiwan to help!


Classic Room classic room
(Measuring 10.8 square meters / 37㎡)

Classic roomEven simple, but quality and、I feel the design of commitment。
Floors and fittings in a luxurious atmosphere with natural wood。
Thickness of each piece of wood is different because you're making best use made of wood processing、
Floor、There is only a slight bump of walking is not well。
And、One piece leather headboards and a smallish but tastefully chandelier covered with high-quality leather。
Single size (97 cm W x H 203 cm) of the beds lined up two、
Two lovely enough to ensure the space is full size and。
(BedUrban RoomAndProverbs RoomOther than the、You can choose twin or King size)
In the room、Includes white Plush Slippers、
And beams.、Is the floor in bare feet spend too much more pleasant!


Walnut (Hickory)Surrounded by walls with、Relaxing room。
It is an American brand "RH(Restoration Hardware from USA)"of
Antique style with three of chic fabric sofa
Coffee table with a notebook stand includes one loveseat leather chairs。
In a hotel in unusual styles、And put a rag、Shine better red rugs on hardwood floors.


HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI The rooms at most want to focus、
Chic's a luxury vibe Bath & powder room featuring bold Italian marble!
Showers and toilets are in glass and by independent and、There are single vanities、
Leisurely foot extensible size sense of England "Adamsez"In the bath、
Phone type reprinted the image of tap was used in ancient Europe faucet and shower head。
Dissolved salts provided amenities、
An elegant looking!


Urban Room urban room
(Size 9.7 square meters / 33㎡)

1 room has bathtub equipment not barrier-free room。
Urban roomThe、U of u-build、Placing the bed King-size (W180 x H200) for Windows、
Bathroom on the left side、Living space will be on the right side。
The hotel is very reasonable rooms and in standard、
Ample reserved!


Improvement of amenities and mini bar、And impeccable amenities work desk area、
I think that relaxing comfort.


Urban roomThe bathroom becomes a bedside left hand、
Leisurely foot extensible size sense of England "Adamsez"In to the back of the room、
There are single vanities、
Next to them、made in Japan"TOTO"The lid automatically opening and closing the type WC。
And、Independent twin room is located at the end。
Ko's with shaped back space is solidified in the staff for、
Perhaps the bathroom comfortable.

Now、Then you have to look to different types of、
It's time to check out dealt、Must hurry to the airport!
I hesitantly but there、
More and more "HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI"At least
Come say goodbye。
Next in line、Will check out!

Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)
No period of 56 Daan Road, Taipei Taiwan
TEL:+886 2 2711 1118

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