"PROVERBS TAIPEI HOTEL" "EAST END" bar cocktail master Ueno hidetsugu supervision of Japan


"Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)"On the 3rd floor next to the reception、
Cocktail master of JapanUeno Hidetsugu.、
And the only collaboration in the world、Now、Taipei the buzz bar "EAST END"There。
While respecting the classic and nestled in the cool, modern、
See how they have received support from the young in the middle generation!
Here you willUeno HidetsuguUnder the supervision of、
Special cocktails the bartenders were top notch!


Bartender Ueno Hidetsugu

50 countries around the world、Bartenders around 15000 people join、To compete
Cocktail competition 'World Class"、To elect the innovative talent with one bartender 50
"World Class 50"The site is up。
From Japan、Even in Ginza "BAR HIGH FIVE"The bartenders in
Ueno HidetsuguWho has been elected!


Blown ceiling completely punch through the mirror to is paved for、
Is the sense of openness.、Increases the line of sight.



Is coordinated at the reception、American brand
"RH(Restoration Hardware from USA)"The carefully selected antique furniture、
With a gloss of velour with leather and different textured sofa、With sadness。
You can use reception room leading to the bar、Guests can enjoy a drink and relax on the sofa!


Long night in Taipei、Many many people in the store!


"EAST END"The Bartender in the Director'sTony Lin To、
Immediately、Let's make a special Cocktail.


A cool profile in a smart attitude、The comfortable rhythm of the Shaker excited by heart、
Conduct of the bartender、Would be attracted to the behavior.


The bar culture in Taipei、During the past five years due to the rapid development of food culture, and growing rapidly、
Bartenders across the Board better and、
Can provide a first-rate cocktail bar has been increasing significantly.
Of course、"EAST END"Even those in one、Tony Lin Also has been as the star of hope.


"Mist" 400 TWD (Japan Yen 1480)
(Ciroc, Lime Juice, Rich Syrup, Tagetse Leaf)

That comes from grape 100% ABV 40 degrees vodka "CIROC" based on、
Syrup and lime、Tallet leaf complete with short cocktail。
"CIROC" does more than plan seeds of the highest quality and
Raw materials to the district famous for its brandy Cognac ugni。
Be healed in a fresh citrus scent、With rich taste and is smooth.、Guests can enjoy a subtle sweetness.


To sleep and familiar to the body、Cocktail glass cheek stained with pleasant atmosphere。


Enjoy your unforgettable Taipei night!

Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)
No period of 56 Daan Road, Taipei Taiwan
TEL:+886 2 2711 1118

TEL:+886 903 531 851
Hours of operation
12:00-24:00(Sunday-Thursday)、12:00~ 26:00(Friday、On Saturday)

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