Salone del Mobile Group fifth stores stores Kansai "quintocanto" at bliss for an Italian lunch


Rice straw raincoat bridge on the dojima River flows north of the Nakanoshima 0/1925 (1925) "Building, Osaka"As completed
Former "Daibiru building"2013 February To、
22-Story glass building lower floor beautifully restored old building reborn、
New "Daibiru building"As has been。
Finely carved over the details to the retro atmosphere of profound feeling atmosphere。
The "Daibiru building"The low to the floor 1 and 2 floors2013In early July.To11StoreThe restaurants and shops are open!

In Dai building, main building、1Appearing with Northwest corner towards the rice straw raincoat bridge floor
Italy cuisine "Quintocanto QUINTOCANTO"Mr.。
"QUINTOCANTO"And is in Italy"5The second corner"Represents the、
Here is、Hear recent favorites was ranked one of the restaurant "SALONE2007"With the same、
Yokohama、Shibuya 2、Minami-Aoyama、In Osaka and all have 5 store developmentHirataka line (tairatakayuki)Led by Mr
Salone del Mobile SALONE groupThe Kansai stores and shops in、
There is the opening of the first group of five stores、The tribute, is named.


Gorgeous, yet also、At the chic and restless entrance、
Meet and greet with a pleasant staff who smile awaits!


Shop、Clean and white, colours and、Grey, as with plugging the Suns finish modern、
The 24-seat tables、And rear sofa and Chair in White leather、
1 plate 1 plate and guest becomes the protagonist、The store building was designed around foil box, staff。
From a soft pouring in through the Windows, trees Hall shimakawa along with natural light fluctuation、Produce a sense of serenity。
On one side of the store on one side、By placing the mirror staff and attention to all the tables, as concern、
Good atmosphere、I has been comfortable space built on our guests feel the depth and。
Salone del MobileMr. a、Rebuilding the traditional cuisine of Italy "Cucina creativa"Has been the basic concept、
QuintocantoMr. so、The concept as a + Rx-essence、
Our location here in Osaka、Kansai hotels produce a lot "Chisho"Also has been aimed at.


Lunch course、Corso di Pranzo 5000 YenOnly offer。
(Tax and service charge)


On this day、Salone del Mobile representativeFlatIs it the wish book、
In the Manager、Also the sommelier will be responsible forHiroaki Nishijima (to silence Hiro Aki)And I (born 1974) front desk staff!
NishijimaMr. a、2008Since being joined in the Salone del Mobile、
A skilled and discreet hospitalitySpeech、Bought to fully utilized the talent as a sommelier、
And the previous Yokohama Salone del MobileHas been moving within a group on a regular basis as a Manager in the Minami-Aoyama、
Now、Has been active in the Osaka store。
Like it somewhere in your apparent after you haveNishijima,、
And notify、
"Better、It is said that looks like Conan"And I agree... strangely (laughs)


FlatSankarea et champagne service we received! (Thank you)
FlatMr. a、Now as part of the activities of the Group、In the familyYamagataOfLeave the vineyard activities it has been! (Sugomen)
The cultivators of the aging advances、To immigrate to the land of the shortage of manpower in、
And shelving for wine grapes since ancient times of Japan co., Ltd.、
Using either the grapes、As a home-brewed formed in Osaka "Island, in the Fujimori brewery"With the collaboration、
Yamagata wineEverlasting and flying dreams are carried out projects。
Current、Well as responsible for the project's、QuintocantoIs it during the launch、
NishijimaAnd it's had been a Manager agoKazuomi fujimakiMs. of it。
"May be my next assignment which is Yamagata"And half-jokingly、Half serious! InNishijimaHer pacifier was (laughs)


"Alan, Bernard/Brut, Blanc-de-Blanc-1er Cru"

Alan Bernard、
1912Producers of the stronghold that dizzy was founded in Le coltan manipulating (grape cultivation farmer, Brewer's)、
Now、Father Alan's take command、Family management to his son Benoit。
Prior to、The grapes were supplying large Maison、Noticed the high quality of our grapes、
The cultivation of grapes in Champagne、Brewing、At his own hands all the processes until bottling。
Golden glow、Fine lather、Feel fresh acid rich fruit flavours、
Enjoy the elegant finish 100% Chardonnay Champagne is.


We start from the classic dishes and appetizer!
In a daring Director feeling the impact of the appearance and playful、From the beginning and heart to blow me!


Inizio foie gras lemon

Choux dough kneaded into edible of bamboo charcoal and exc.。
Squid ink infused bread with decoration.、Shoe by taking their hand will be。
An instant、Of which is edible? And to the wonder and excitement!


During the puff dough was kneaded bamboo charcoal、And endured the foie gras mousse、
Foie gras lightly finish with lemon jam.


Next in line is the antipasti (appetizers)。
YokohamaSalone del Mobile 2007And I even felt that、
This group which shops、Staff got on and made education、
For most important food chef's produce、Our customers have fun.、More palatable, such as dining、
A detailed description and、Please provide the comfortable Saab。
This menu is、That is laid out in vertical、
Has been like a piece of hanging paintings of beautiful product!


Antipasto white bonito and green beans red onion

In Italy、Generally there are tuna over a white bean and red onion salad、
There and arranged to Ristorante、
This is a roasted bonito of the season、White Kidney Bean Salad、Red Onion puree、Green olive sauce、
Flavored with smoked ricotta cheese、Black olive tree will be in bread crumbs。
Sweet flavor of white beans and taste a mild finish.


Here you will、And choice of bread、
We have chosen one love green and bright shades of Royal Blue。
Salone del Mobile 2007Mr. so、
"PERCEVAL and Perceval"For the great knife sharp 9.47 shades are perfect for our needs、
Has been a wonderful idea here!


Homemade bread

In Heidi's white bread、Beautiful round bread white。
At 140 ° C oven for lower than normal bread being baked、
White finished with baked slowly while adding humidity to。
Easy to combine dishes without heavy、Produces soft, light fluffy bread are aiming so、
Very sweet and、Fits good in the sauce or soup.


Pesce "Suzuki mussels Zucchini"

Suzuki finished in soft and moist with mussels and Zucchini、
Incorporating Zucchini sliced、Served with dried mullet roe from the top、
With the scent of Basil under the zucchini puree slipped into has been for the screen。
Herb、Combine the Mint、Frozen grapefruit and accented、
And opens up a fresh flavor!


"Alberto j.Anguissola/kasebianco ' Emilia Romagna Italy

In the natural of Emilia-Romagna's、Alberto formerly operated the Winery as a farmer.、
2012Resigned the position in、Has expressed determination to live only in the wine-producing。
White's all mixed jyouji、And let ferment and skin、Kasebianco called、
Breed、Of sweet Malvasia、Moscato、Orturugo、As Marsanne to more than 40 years old and、
Make two kinds of scented Malvasia and Moscato、Gorgeous scent。
Making non filter for organic、Is muddy.、The Lees also watch、
Here you will、8Offers a soothing sleep from months ago。
You can have a plump fragrance、The palate is refreshing for、
A variety of minerals、And that better fit the fish:、
After the bit with orange peel、I want to feel this wine scent and would recommend us!


1 main course "maltagliati sardine"

Maltagliati (Italy:Maltagliati) and the、
Male (male) = bad、Tagliare (trial) = off connection in two words.、
"Do not cut well, irregular shape"The pasta in Emilia Romagna, with a meaningful name.。
The original extra Pasta dough using make it、Square by pasta.。
With a combination of Sicily、Stewed sardines and fennel in the wild fennel ragu with、
Also sprinkled some orange peel into coarse crumbs and crispy fried。
Accents and the sour capers、
Fresh、Deep fried、Dried powder、Even the puree in the four Italian parsley fresh scent helps!


Cucchiaio "rabbit saffron pistachios"

In Italy、Cucchiaio means spoon、This is a cuisine with bite。
From the、Saffron Dubai b、Carrot puree、Maine in rabbit、
A slice of ham、Fennel seed、Pistachio、Biancomangiare、
And on the croutons crunchy baked bread to gel pumpkin tomato red wine vinegar、
In the spoon!
Every bite from wells and a complex taste is born.、
Aromas ' herbs that surrounds it took well balances、
Is relishing even when derived from make me want to feel strange.


Gino pedrotti/Lauro Northern Italy Alto-Adige

20Beginning of the century、Giuseppe、Small village brusino cover dine Valley away.、
Salka village Laghi Valley lowlands "Piana" Word with a word in、
Upland with mild climate, this region is very popular in the wine production。
Giuseppe、The wine grapes were harvested in the land of their。
They took his son Gino、Further Winery business。
The meaning of the name Lauro (Golden)、With meticulous care and attention、
Their work and the Valley、Also tried to bring love to the land、It carries the brush treasure feeling。
The grape varieties、60% Cabernet franc、With 40% Merlot、
6Fruity with comes from the weekly dry Cabernet franc
Fruity and harmonious Merlot、
And is a good balance that combines the length of the aftertaste of wine!


Main course 2 "Risotto Roasted Bean"

Guinea fowl with whole vegetables cooked、We were talking about much condensed flavor ragout and、A dish full of flavor!
Green beans onto the shot left a texture through the fire、Align the paste of beans under the grill is no longer、
The astringent skin with roasted walnuts and crumbled parmiger Reggiano accents。
Tenderness and flavor to and fro、Miho was Gori is risotto.


29In the age of young chefYuge, KeitaKindly go to the greetings chef。
Suhool in former baseball from Kyushu (Saga Prefecture)、It is very refreshing and personality!
Minami-Aoyama of the Salone del Mobile group "Il teatrino da Salone IL TEATRINO DA SALONE"Mr. on、
Prior to serving as sous chef、
The French road, has been、The career "Chez INO"In four years、
In France "Guy Savoie"At and has been trained in、
Brilliant young chef with experience in、Also a chef now much more is expected.


Send Pat veal lamb Eggplant Cous Cous

12The time and low-temperature cooking lamb、And finished very soft、
Under the couscous will be in Sicily that cinnamon flavor combinations。
Onion and celery to the base、Stewed eggplant with、Bust feel faint scent of cumin seeds。
Served with fried pasta on the accent of texture。
Her husband out of will、For a weak distinctive smell of goat and sheep、Lamb, it was to that effect、
"But does not want..."And to tell you、
"Because more delicious meals you want to、Will be changed"And、
Hotel、Pork shoulder roast the same as providing! (Thank you)
In line with the elderly guest feel far too comfortable with attention、
Until the last minute feel good meal entertained us with wonderful shops。
It's make me feel always want to revisit、
Of course delicious food、I think that a good balance between service and excellent hospitality.


Spaghetti "Salsa Pomodoro" (30 g、60g、90Select the amount of your choice from the g)

Pomodoro、Taste with a depth which unleashes power does not use any cheese tomatoes。
My 30 g、Her husband ordered 60 g.。
30because the amount of noodles with g、I feel the bulge % and volumes are。
With that amount of us quite tasteful and flexible、So you can order the desired amount of 30 g or less at more than 90 g say OK。
In the pastSalone del Mobile 2007Mr. so、420gHave a strong order、It seems that some surprise guest (lol)


Dolce lapsansrcheon figs

Lapsang Souchong (China:Shoyama small species) and the、In a kind of have a unique smell to smoked aroma of Chinese tea、
Your pudding, and、Bitter sweet and fragrance has become a high dessert。
Pepper gelato、Black pepper、Suggests、Pepper、Using a long g pepper and。
Whipped cream flavored with amaretto、Cacao powder、
Fig Compote、Crush the amaretti crunchy pastry, enjoy with food。
Salone del Mobile 2007And I even felt that、
Click here for dessert、And playing low-key sweetness are preferred、
Set forth in the desserts taste with taste the usual quirky interesting ingredients。
It is very delicious.、Has become one of the fun!


"Petits fours only to espresso、It is even our delicious!"And、Explained it、
I imagine something like biscotti、
In combination with very soft, marshmallow-like texture and toasty hazelnut、
Is delicious!


Cafe coffee (espresso、Coffee、Choose from herbal teas)
"Aria di nocciola" petits fours

Aryan is air.、Like a Marshmallow、Comes with hazelnut cookies around。
Her husband's coffee、I got on a double espresso、
Petits fours were soaked in espresso.


FlatIs it of you for your patience and、YugeCuisine of the chef、
AndNishijimaAnd I'm of to balance us a selection of good wines and mariage、
In the comfortable Saab staff、Was able to enjoy a nice lunch so memorable!
After this、FlatIs it to ask、We select recommended shops.。
Entitled "Flat presents! Osaka different from eating collapse you see!"In (laughs)
The hotel was、"Abeno designation' Before 'Hotel trusty Osaka abenobashi"To stay at the hotel。
Check-in、While resting, it deals、Prepare for the night's dinner。
Next in line、Osaka specialtyTakoyakiCombining biodynamic products、
Hey you 洒落konnde "TAKORKI"Is it's introduction!

3-6 Nakanoshima Kita-ku, Osaka City Osaka-32 daibiru building 1F
Hours of operation
Lunch 12:00-13:00 L.O
Dinner 18:00-20:00 L.O(23:00 CLOSE)
Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Chapter 1、3rd Monday

Osaka, Osaka-shi Kita-ku in Nakanoshima 3-6-32

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