"TAKORIKI" You can enjoy the takoyaki of Osaka specialties along with Biowain


In Osaka "Taiko Hideyoshi"As it is known、Laid the Foundation of the currentToyotomi Hideyoshiis、
In the sectors laid to protect Osaka Castle moat、
The South sogamae-was in the karahori area、That was in the water not empty、
Is the origin of the name karahori。
In the area escaped the RAID in the war、Before World War II remains to leave the road at the time, no readjustment、
Streets and roads complicated way, on the other hand is more common。
"Karahori shopping arcade" And "Karahori shopping street"In the Middle"Yes from Maria holic Street"This is the entrance。
In the very historical shopping street、Movie "Princess Toyotomi"The has been used as a filming location、
Is a downtown shopping area loved by the inhabitants.


Matsuyamachi、Tanimachi muscle、Big round three and on the street to long street。
In the shopping area for local residents to use on a daily basis、Scattered fish shop, greengrocer。
The recent、That especially the younger generation to open shop in the back alley、
Walking MAP to introduce the shops in this area "From Maria holic et al?"And make、
To enliven the karahori area in the entire city is energetic.


Such a thing、Yes from Maria holic in going in the direction of karahori shopping street shopping district、Went into the alley the、
Enjoy Osaka's famous was born to taste the soup Octopus "TAKORKI"Let's be。
In the whole、Here reminiscent of Kyoto new shops、
New style with biodynamic products where you can enjoy freshly made takoyaki takoyaki shop。
"I want to appeal of soup stock"That owners love how from seasoned Octopus was born、Very simple to just salt and mirin。
Feels fine bonito and kombu dashi flavor and aroma and on the palate。
Tako yaki is also、Has been training French longTOMOYA Suzuki Aya (suzukijunnya)Welcome to the new chef、
The arms can be multiplied, making à la carte menu, Omakase course。
And while the takoyaki shop、Bistro also offers、
In the shop、Said PomPoms and available such as champagne or white wine
Small is a sleekly fresh takoyaki shop。
Here is、Salone group of representativeHirataka lineIs it to ask、The first House we select the shop recommended shops!
Entitled "Flat presents! Osaka different from eating collapse you see!" Is!


"TAKORKI"Mr. a、Known for wine and your favorite grilled well-established store "Pork ball (currently plate)"And it's affiliate store is。
Prior to、Takoyaki shop on that day、The night was operated as a members-only Bistro、
Now、Even as a takoyaki shop Bistro and even
Fresh takoyaki shop even、You can also take home。
Also、Sale on the net too warm in the microwave and tea were frozen octopus。
Had been a sign sommelier at Head OfficeTakahashi 多弥 (takahashitami)Who are you responsible for wine and service.


This Ocean-1000 yen

And in the takoyaki shop、To listen try wine、And wondering what good do I order from what?、
The sommelier多弥.、Here "Octopus Ocean"We recommend that our。
Everything Octopus had adapted to and looking sparkling wine! (Surprise)
"Octopus Ocean" Of "Octopus"The、It is of course taken from the Octopus。
Originally, Osaka、In one of Japan's leading grape producer、
In the especially Kawachi district、Old winemaking flourished were presented in、
One of the BREW House "Katasimovainary"Let's wine has worked。
In West Japan's oldest Winery、In the field at the foot of the Mountain Partnership、Alongside many celebrates 100 years-old vines、
Here is primarily is in the culture of Delaware。
"With its grape Osaka energetically want to"And third in the current President'sToshihiro TakaiMade by、
Using local Delaware kind of sparkling wine "Octopus Ocean"It is。
Label the takoyaki is cute、
Naming of Frank feel to bright only in Osaka。
Without using any herbicide to grapes grown in the champagne as well as brewing in a secondary fermentation in the bottle。
During the clean fresh scent、Felt soft and sweet、
"Shall we、From now on not what Ocean?"And、Instinctively friends invite you want to be like
Is the sparkling wine seems a born phrase can enjoy!


"Horse than smoke (Kumamoto)、Spain hue Cálida mildew salami、Anchovies with olive fruit.

Is crunchy.、On a fat roll、Kumamoto is the horse than smoke。
White mold know salami、Is a traditional food to represent Spain Catalonia。
Dried in the foothills of the Pyrenees in France and Spain border at、
1520Also written a cook book published in Catalan,、
Salami sausage with a history of about 500 years and are considered。
Salami in thin diameter, long features dry sausage;、
On the surface、Nature play a big role in the maturing of salami white mold is attached to。
In Spain, means horse whip, hue and、And with this name that resembles a long and slender shape。
White mold on the surface of the adhering to the nature、Camembert cheese
Create a great flavor、Increases the flavor as you。
And、Bal Spain's Green olive anchovy into the familiar、So want the wine cool salty!
In appetizers perfect for the sake of none、
SuzukiIs and what delicious chef himself provided.


"Chef's appetizer platter (3 species)" 900 yen
Shungiku, shiitake mushroom and Bacon Quiche pecorino cheese sauce、
Carrot and orange lape、

Avocado Yamagata's "punching while and" ride

From the appetizer menu at chef's choice, will fit the three kinds of。
The Quiche、Fluffy whipped cream finish Chrysanthemum accented.。
Paix gently spread sour orange carrot salad。
Best、Remains in the impression、
0/1789 (1789) in the Yamagata Prefecture founded "Mt. 1 soy sauce factory"Making"Drilling while and"It is!
And the opportunity to market、The ninth owner took a cooking Forum、
On off of the Internet as a mere sake of garnishes、This"Drilling while and"And we have、
Of good reputation, it spread by word of mouth、Addressed to the media and became famous for?。
It looks similar to the mash、
Into the mouth and first spread the sweetness of the malt、After a refreshing spicy taste、
Is this unit even 10 min thumb will be、And both rice and cold tofu、It seems fit to meat and fish。
It fermented so enjoyed the flavor changes with the passage of time and the。
Combined with avocado、And mellow taste、It is also delicious!


"Seyfabrehme Riesling" Germany Riesling

Four different tasting white wine recommendations and explained it、
From the inside、1One is we select our Riesling。
Producers、Rita und Rudolf Trossen。
Lushly though slightly honey like aroma、Hard giving a good impression of the sharp、飲mi干semasu and sukkiri ♪


"Bunnamagoo / estate / Chardonnay 2011" Australia

Producers、"Bunnamagoo estate Bunnamagoo Estate"In the、
Volume also enjoy Chardonnay is made from organic vineyards。
Deep tint、Feeling too delicate, refreshing acid、Finished in a rich wine with composure.


"Tako-yaki (7) half-350 yen"

TAKORKIIs it the takoyaki、Small size size with a beautiful 真nn丸。
"Tako-yaki 14 650 Yen"In normal size、7One is a half-size。
First of all will be normal takoyaki, spicy and flavored broth。
In your favorite sauce and mayonnaise sauce.、Soy sauce、Soy mayonnaise、Can be topped with wasabi mayonnaise。
We have、Without anything in the simple tastes。
The soup stock、"Oishinbo"Even well-established karahori shopping street that appeared in"Kelp DOI"From a real tangle、
Established near the black market "久間田 shopping"From using the tuna and bonito、
Has been used Ichiban dashi pulled from here。
Octopus、Purchase the raw Octopus, Mie Prefecture, Japan、And it is boiled in the shop、
A blend of carefully selected domestic flour dough、
The eggs are、Use the egg the Mr.Tanaka in Nara thoroughly obsessed with feed, water, environment and sanitation。
France is sticking with pretend only with coarse salt from the Guérande and mirin。
Not without good reason。
Good breakfast with hot, and Rafah.、
SuzukiAccording to chef、
"Cool down a bit and、You will feel the flavor of the broth even more!"With that。
The current Chef is leftSuzukiCum、There is no experience originally baked Octopus、
To enter the shop from being、3So Tai takoyaki, to come out for months and day、
Crystallization of the efforts is a beautiful warm delicious takoyaki here!


"Salt cheese takoyaki 7) 400 Yen"

Next in line of the plain、This is recommended in、
We have two kinds of Marivaux and raclette cheese and put onto the takoyaki guerande salt salt cheese takoyaki。
Through the nose and soft cheese flavored、Good scents、It increases the richness。
It is plain they are good enough、So enjoy the change of taste、
Other、On the Arrange menu and OM had、Fried octopus、This grip Springs submerged in broth、
Served in a number of variations, such as Octopus baked au gratin。
A glass of wine、Also try various takoyaki is recommended!
Now、Also next in line、FlatIs it to store you introduce grilled chicken "Grilled chicken Checker"Is it's introduction!

1-6-1 tile store-Cho Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Hours of operation:15:00 ~ 23:00Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

1-6-1 tile store-Cho Chuo-ku, Osaka City

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