Dinner plain Mr. and Mrs. in Italian directing the adult night "ilmarcampo"


Enshu railway、Aka red electric street 1 this Y Noguchi Boulevard's Assistant enters the character open to 9/4/2011 "Ristorante IL Marcampo Ristorante Il malcampo"Mr.。Italy is the owner/chef has been trained in TuscanyYoshida, Takahiro.、Piled up experience in Tokyo、To return to the local has been independently。Marukanpo(ITO:Marcampo) of the name、It gave the name of accommodation owned by the owner Yoshida chef was trained in the Tuscany region of Italy。Of the Agriturismo、Vacation to experience the countryside and renovated farmhouse, accommodation。There had been offers regional cuisine, made with fresh local ingredients and home-cooked meals and homemade wine and olive oil、Desire to enjoy in Hamamatsu is put by this name will。Here you will、2011 yearIn the open。The other day、The long Buri at lunch to disturb you from that、Favorite shops join the ranks and now! Yoshida chef、Us couple is always indebted to holed concrete surface finishing "Old Nichie Yoshida(Now:Kiuchi peiyang Corporation, business continuity)] of theYoshida AkiraIt is Mr. of your relatives ♪


In the evening of the day、Round eight real estate groupPresident's day-and thisHirano OsamuWith his wife inJunkoAnd it is a mess。Due to the feedback into and out of plain's store、Take here.。From the town as close、From the quiet atmosphere and Linda's favorite jazz BGM is flowing、So hope you like what you see, relief。Shop、White based on stone walls accented with alms、A warm lamps and indirect lighting and an adult atmosphere.。The number of seats、4Table seats for people to main counter、In the private room in the back with 44 seats and spacious space、Is a kind of popular events, private party。A still atmosphere?、I think because it is a kind of audience age group was slightly higher in a quiet atmosphere of dining。Now、Dinner menu5,000CircleOf the course and the course of the reservation is、I have chosen to not have fun while sipping wine and particularly little by little be ordered à la carte! *U pe Hikaru Suites GenerationWith 400 Yen (bread, 席代) and。


"Prosecco di Vu~arudobbiadene" Rustico Laax "(Nino Franco)" 4,500 yen

Spumante Prosecco Nino Franco is 100%.。In the color swatch、A light mouthfeel is there、The apples taste fresh and lively, refreshing and。Along with the meal, Western is the easy-to-fit either taste!


"Guinea fowl Terrine" 1200 Yen

In a special Board of the day appetizer、Is the Guinea fowl Terrine。And Guinea fowl、Like a wild plus chicken in chicken from France, solid taste.、Fishy smell and distinctive habit is not a juicy meat。In addition to it、And finished in parkroyal on Kitchener road Terrine with lightly beaten、With balsamic vinegar to taste.


Homemade bread


"Parma ham" ¥ 1500 (some half-size 700 yen)

Order your favorite ham, Mr. Hirano。Delicate and flavorful ham。While enjoying the texture and served with bread.


"^-Christie-Bianco feudi-di-San Gregorio" Italy Campania white 4,000Circle

Grape varieties:CODA Di Volpe、Falanghina、Other。Made at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius、"^ Christi" (tears of Christ)Wine name。Combines elegance and finesse。A variety of fruits and honey aromas、Late harvest ripe grapes with long aftertaste of wine!


"Octopus in tomato sauce 800 yen

The Octopus feel the sweetness of the onion with plenty of tomato sauce、Will easily smell soft feeling of the time.


"Baked of several kinds of vegetables" 800 yen

Tomato、Red and yellow pepper、Eggplant、For the zucchini up thoroughly and baked in the oven、Feel the sweetness of the vegetable tasting dish。So it takes some time in the oven cooking、It is recommended to order as soon as possible.


The cream of Italy from porcini mushrooms and sausage 1350 Yen

Homemade sausage formed komaru with porcini mushroom smell good will with Linguine pasta。But was nettled by cream、Linguine at the boiling temperature is exquisite!


"Penne amatriciana" 1000 yen

You can smell and taste the guanciale (pork cheek meat salted) and Penne well cooked in tomato onion sauce。Short pasta is very good on the wine!


"Ricotta cheese and spinach gnocchi with truffe. ' ¥ 1,600

Push on the day we married here! And kneaded the spinach gnocchi with beautiful shades、There's freshness with ricotta cheese、Will be in rich aromatic truffle cream sauce! Also speaking of gnocchi and I dust texture you might imagine、Gnocchi here is good means betrayal.、Melts in your mouth gently enough to fluffy boobs is fluffy! (Delicious! )


"And the Chianti Classico querciabella 2010 ' Italy Tuscany red 4,600 Yen

Querciabella even among Chianti Classico producers receive top rating。The grape varieties、Sangiovese 95%、Cabernet Sauvignon 5%。Colours are bright, deep ruby red color、Flowers and fruits taste rich and spicy nuances of aroma。Well-balanced and the lively acidity and tannins、It has become a point of taste of Chianti Classico。A clearly stated、Is a full body with easy-to-drink bottle.


Fish dish of the day market price

Recommended fish of the day、Any mount haguro。With the fat's more treated as white in which black soft finishing、In the source and you will!


Fragrant pork tenderloin meat tomato wrapped with lard and estragon 1600 Yen

Pork fillet so very easily and the、Wound Herald are available with。In wine the aroma of herbs and it tastes delicious! Source of potatoes with balsamic vinegar giving the art!


"Orange and vanilla crème Brulee、3Types of chocolate Terrine with orange caramel sauce、Tuscan tiramisu "1200 Yen

While talking with Junko、To 絞rezu just one dessert、3Kinds of desserts to you little by little、He and assorted! Women's assorted sounds、(Lol) is visibly weak Orange creme Brulee is refreshing and a nice balance of rich、Billboard desserts here are three chocolate Terrine with too thick! Mouth after transderma tiramisu melts in the light、What dessert is perfect! AppleSuehiro-cutToo thin, and beautiful、Spread fan-like watching、And Ms. Diamant sigh, you two! Learn these techniques and to eat it!



As for the dessert and coffee after meals、Enjoying a relaxing time and、From the owner of the Cafe opened ago the Viola, Linda's cell phone"Please come to the pre-opening! 」And、For suddenly entered teaser email、Taxicab, heading four。There is introduces in the following articles.


And plain Mr. and Mrs. malcampo's mellow and relaxed space perfect for、Had a fun dinner with you。It is both a wonderful smile! malcampo, lunch or favorite is、Evening à la carte is pretty good with this content、In very well with wine、In recent days the most favorite restaurant! Yoshida chef、Treat as it is! Too slow and you want to visit.

Ristorante IL Marcampo Ristorante Il malcampo
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku city the sukenobu 10-8 1F TEL:053-443-7915
Hours of operation 11:30-15:00 ( L.O.14:00) 18:00To 22:00 ( L.O.21:00) Closed:Every Tuesday、3rd Wednesday

District Hamamatsu-cho 10-8 letter help

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