Before City PARK/ING parking Viola, with the concept of Park Cafe open


Built 50 Wood Street, Yuri's creative spots over the years "KAGIYA building"The 3F casual bar 'bar 23"The ownerFutahashi Takatoshi ( is that Kahi.--Kun as the first two stores opened、Lily Street along the Viola, beforePark CaféThe concept with the courtyard of the urban park "PARK/ING PUBLIC CAFE BAR perkingpubliccafeber"2014April 14th (Mon)ToGrand openingIs! From this project & concept、Outside Interior Interior、Furniture、Is the total design graphics tools、Previously introduced on ladeDesignerdEL sp design Kawai, Norihiro (kawaisadafumi)You are active! On this day、I just want to be invited to the pre-opening and go.Round eight real estate groupI was able to serve mr. and Mrs. Hirano at a timely dinner.。Oh yes、I'm afraid I couldn't take a picture.、Kawai-kun who has a strong image of straight hair with long hair、it's been shortened to the shoulder、It has been Imechen with a strong perm hair、wearing a hat、It was very cool in gentleman's fashion♪


Park CaféThe concept, based on"From the busy everyday life、The little parking, can afford to give to the heart、Want to be a place of rest! 」The Interior is designed in the theme、Is a liberating image of the Park.、Sensations and enjoy food and drink or coffee while indoors and outdoors and fun for putting asphalt on line store、It is full of playfulness to try to put the grass♪ in the foot


5From the counter where six people can sit、The kitchen is open to see the cooking scene of the former hotel chef.。As you can see when you look at the right hand wall、It is designed as if the house is adjacent.、The private room-style room is also a space where you can relax♪


And the most notable is、This appears when you push through the storeThe open-air courtyardIs! At night、In the production of the light-up from the bottom、For light walls and trees Ivy、Yet in an open space, such as an outdoor、Moody atmosphere。And、Probably day and day、It will be a comfortable space where you can feel the pleasant sunshine.。In the courtyard、SpringSummerAutumnWinterFeel like、And decorated with many flowers and trees、Is a space where you can enjoy Japan's four seasons。Summer is here and filled with bubbles at the end of work! What a dream is inflated ayaco (laughs)


We were able to join us in the owner of a Ni-kyo kun and your father a fun time of the pair early unveiling meeting before open and Mr. Hirano described the words of the celebration! During the dayCafeis operated as、It is said that lunch is scheduled, too.。And after sunset、It's quaint.BarTransform into。On the weekend、Night27oclockBecause it seems to be open until late、It seems to be one of the shops where you can enjoy the night of Hamamatsu lively! Futahashi-kun、Kawai-kun I am very happy that a wonderful shop has opened in front of Biorata Town! Good luck♪!

PARK/ING PUBLIC CAFE BAR perkingpubliccafeber
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 315-24 1F TEL:053-451-0533 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday
Hours of operation:weekdays cafe 10:30~ 18:00 bar 18:00~ 24:00/weekend cafe 10:30~ 18:00 bar 18:00~ 27:00

315 -24 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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