"Reminiscence" aromatic richness and lingering taste would be revisited only French

Green heart of Nagoya "Shirakawa Park"From a very close、Higashi-Shirakawa Park Street comfort along the Sakae building luxury raw bread shop "Nogami"French restaurant located on the second floor"Reminiscence – Reminiscence"To!

Here is、The East see Quintessence Kante Suns"The Shuzo Kishida Shuzo KishidaChef、The West "Hajime Hajime "inHajime Yoneda (Hajime Yoneda)Under the chef、Young chef kuzuhara General papers were training in the prestigious East-West restaurant Masaki KuzuharaAnd (33 years old)、In the shops opened on the 30-year-old's birthday is 7/23/2015、An instant popularity、3Continue to evolve and now celebrating its anniversary、And many foodies have to groan quite French、We also recommend a good restaurant.

On this day、Past become the highest temperature exceeding 40 ° C of heat of Nagoya!
Extreme heat on the asphalt of the parking line about facial felt muggy、One side in the marble dining room Interior、Dubai smart cool handsome Sommelier Matsunaga Shin-Ichiro!、Cool down at once!

Without feeling the air window seat.、It is a posh lunch while taking a good positive start!

The course of reminiscence、Lunch、Dinner together and only one Corse "Chapter 1-afterglow-"、See chapter II ~ memory ~ "、See chapter III-relief-.、"Chapter 4-memories-" the provided the Assembly in the configuration!
7500 lunch (dishes and desserts in 8 plate before + after dinner drink)、Dinner 13500 yen (12 plates back and forth with food and desserts is meal + drink) * tax、10% service charge
Also、Three types of wine available as pairings tailored to each dish!

[Lunch Menu]
Chapter 1-afterglow-
(1) "Sea Urchin" x generator:Kamachi-Toho co;Ltd kamazi pottery shop Arita porcelain company
The first dish became finger food、Fresh Hokkaido will hand in taking one bite kudzu beneath the Sea Urchin fisheries hadachi fried with green seaweed chips! Accents and accompanied by condensed dry pork and green seaweed and Lily、Enjoy the dish to each bite of flavor!

(2) "tiger prawn" x generator:Kamachi
And boil the prawns, reflects the beautiful colours、Head of savory fried, and enjoy the food! Shellfish flavor of Dashi and bubbles、Bell Pepper puree、下にはアクセントとなるアーモンドやクスクスという粒状のパスタを添えて食感に変化を加えます!暑い日が続き食欲が落ちてしまいがちな胃を優しく味わい深く押し寄せる旨味の波で出迎えてくれます!

③「トマト」× 器:Kamachi

④「鮎」× 器Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)MARS

⑤「鰻 サザエ」× 器釋永 岳 薄鉢THIN

⑥「仔羊」× 器:Kamachi

⑦「パイナップル」× 器:Kamachi
丸くくり抜いたフレッシュなパイナップルやシャーベット、Ice cream、ローストしたものなど様々な形で楽しめるデザート!アクセントにヘーゼルナッツや赤紫蘇もあり爽やかで贅沢なかき氷のよう!

⑧「桃」× 器:Kamachi
桃に見立てたアーモンドのメレンゲの中にフレッシュな桃に加え、Peach ice cream and mousse wrapped "just peaches" of enjoy the world! The crispy texture of the cross made from hazelnuts and walnuts in it as somewhere feel the nostalgia! Oil source of peach and green bamboo、Rooibos Orange cream and almond jelly on top、Served with white chocolate powder as well as。From peach cracked eggshell、By Momo-taro come out of everything! And thrill a tantalizing dessert!

Chapter IV ~ memories ~
(9) see teacake"x generator:Gaku Syakunaga “DAIZARA””
Providing a teacake kuzuhara chef's own childhood memories I remember!
This time the、Bite-sized cranky ice bar with country meme!
Suitable for even conclude the reminiscence (recollection) name of Director!
Plus unique idea "per stick if I'd give is the best! "And ask (lol) I tried to

(10) "specialty coffee"
The coffee is、Coffee bean shop there in Nakagawa-Ku, Nagoya-Shi "Jimlan CoffeeGimlin coffee "in the Satoshi Nishikawa、Has been using made in Tanzania from monduli plantations carefully roasted beans、Just like the techniques provided JIMLAN COFFEE gimlin coffee、Handmade nel has been brewed carefully! Reminiscence concept suitable for finish and storage、Guests can enjoy tasting the beans of the coffee aromas ease and afterglow、It is a body to become familiar with the coffee!

The culinary reminiscences、 To provide a sense of speed are very important for heat is.、Full course meal assemble people happiness!
"Afterglow" especially from the "smell" felt very strongly、Taste carefully calculated preliminary changes and "Remembrance" from the "memories"、You can feel the enjoyment of food、There is the sense of satisfaction will enrich your mind!

Now、5 kitchen staff、Sommelier & that has been operating in three halls staff、This speed increase to kitchen staff is another one going!
Now open from 3 years、Sincerely look forward to reminiscence taxis always continues to advance to the future!

After enjoying kuzuhara chef empty hands after a meal and chat time、The sommelierMatsunaga Shin-Ichiro (Shinichiro Matsunaga)San、Takeshi Suzuki Go SuzukiAnd I also sprinkled the photograph! See you in the fall!

Address:2-15-16 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi Prefecture comfort Sakae 2F
Reservation TEL:052-228-8337
Contact TEL:052-228-8275
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00~L.O. 13:00、Dinner 18:00~ L.O. 20:00
Complete reservation system
Closed on Mondays:Please see the calendar of official site

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