Speaking of gibier, "Western cuisine Savaca"! Enjoy the precious gibier dishes limited to the season!

A hideaway restaurant nestled in the small Satoyama village "Sabaka" along the Sawamizu Kagawa River that flows along the valley between Mt. KikugawaWestern European Savaca(Cavak.)!

It will be a visit of a long way in search of the taste of Gibier cuisine (Le Gibier) unique to this time of winter!

Open the door、A splendid deer antler hung on a bright blue wall welcomes you!

The equipped showcase、In addition to homemade confiture and 100 flower salk nectar using seasonal fruits, etc.、Gibier terrines and sausages are sold, perfect for wine!

From the inside of the shop full of the warmth of the tree、Tea fields and lush views spread over the mountains、You can spend a relaxing and quiet time in the long, unique to Satoyama!

The board on the counter、There are 18 kinds of gibier ingredients.、You can see the abundance of variations of "Savaca in gibier cuisine"!

For lunch on this day, please make a reservation in advance for 5,900 yen for the C lunch course.、Because the high-quality ingredients differ from day to day、 Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi(Masayuki Yamaguchi) We ask the chef to leave everything to you!

For the car、Non-alcoholic wine "German Vendome Classic" / Cheers at VENDOME CLASSIC (NON ALCOHOL SPARKLING WINE)!

This is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine with an alcohol content of 0.0% and complete alcohol removal.、Enjoy a refreshing taste with little sweetness、It is also recommended during meals!

Amuse's first dish "Tara Shirako's Muniel and White Fish Galette"

To Muniel of the white child of tara with dill、galette sauteed with potatoes in white fish surimi、Hamaoka's white birch with a rich umami natural mushroom and a moist sweetness is served below、The ju of Hatake Shimeji is added to the fried tofu with olive oil!

Here you will、By +alpha to the technique of traditional French cuisine、Despite the line of Western cuisine that maximizes the original potential of the ingredients、17Since the opening two years ago, "French people who can relax with chopsticks" have been praised.、You can enjoy in an unpretentious style!

Bread "Organic bread of Poipois"

Kakegawa's Boulangerie "Powa POWA" is fragrant with a focus on domestic wheat.、Breads that you can enjoy the texture tightly!

Amuse 2nd dish "Langstine and Blue Bikai from Maisaka"、With a confit of masaba and sardines"

The inside is rounded with a rare feeling of exquisite fire.、The beautiful form of The Langtine (European red shrimp) with blue bi-shellaccent、Enjoy a gem with chrysanthemum puree and sauce Amelyne、A dish with a confit of masaba and segro sardines!

Hors d'oeuvres first dish "Charcuterie Salad"、Terrine of Gibier、Deer Mortadella、Duck Sausage、Loti of Karugamosami

Salting and drying、Smoked, etc.、A salad dish that contains a lot of meat processing technology "Charcuterie" used as a means to improve the preservation of meat、It's also vivid in the eyes、The excitement to compare eating each dish、Salty and elegant taste、Enjoy the feeling of eating with a technique that makes use of the umami of meat、I miss wine!

The moment I mentioned the roti of the sami of the duck、Shotgun bullets (about 1mm) came out!
This is a big hit for the French! and cheers and joy or、Because it is said that it is said that it is lucky to have it as a charm、I also brought back a total of three bullets to commemorate、I decided to put it in my wallet! (laughs)

Hors d'oeuvres 2nd dish "Aori squid and abalone"、Blue-backed fettuccine"

Pasta is made to suck the umami using the soup stock of clams and abalone、Aori squid with different texture, abalone and seasonal spring vegetables、Ario Orio with garlic and chili peppers、Fettuccine is tasted with a rich flavor sauce with the addition of blue seaweed and homemade crowmi powder that you can enjoy the aroma of persimmons.、It is a dish that umami rushes one after another!

Fish dish "Poireof omaezaki sweet bean paste"

The sweet bean paste of the fire that you can enjoy the smooth texture that melts in the mouth fluffyly、Crispy shaki with green asparagus、Cream sauce made with white wine and vermouth with espuma、Taste the creamy!

Meat dish "Morimachi deer loin"、Aged pheasant thigh、Assorted magamo breast"

Gibier cuisine is also a luxury、Morimachi deer loin、Aged pheasant thigh、One dish of the utmost that you can enjoy three kinds of roti of magamo breast!
Meat with red wine and deer、I'll have it with a sauce finished with a phone that I took with a bowl!

Here you will、I'm stuck with the sauce that Takes time and effort to make、In general, rather than taking a phone with the bone and the meat after it is sodited so that it is used a lot、non-standard (an individual that is too large and hard、or an over-small individual) using a whole axe to take the base phone、There is also a case to add a deer to the degree of flavoring there、To finish the sauce with a clean texture、As for the sauce, it seems to be a point not to mature bone and meat!

Deserge "Niagara and Suito spring jelly"、Octagonal and orange fondant chocolat、Jersey Beef Raw Caramel Ice Cream"

Deserre that you can enjoy in the eyes、Cherry blossoms and rape blossoms、Adorable dish that you can feel the coming of spring!
Shine in golden color、In a glass that looks like beer、Refreshing citrus water spring fresh feeling and、The combination with the fragrant and flavorful Muscat Niagara is outstanding!
The adult fondant chocolat with the scent of octagonal and orange is moist and smooth.、Served with reverve that you can enjoy the acidity、Raw caramel ice cream of Jersey beef that you can enjoy milky richness also becomes an involuntarily enraptured taste、I was fully entertained to the end!

Drink coffee

Coffee with an impressive coffee cup with the pattern of "Yamamizu" which is also the best-selling "NIKKO"。Enjoy a luxurious time flowing slowly and quietly!

While taking time to chat with Chef Yamaguchi who was free after the meal、We picked up the vessel of toyama artists that we supported and watched them!

Chef Yamaguchi、lade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineLet me introduce the "vessel and traveling series" of the plan、Potter appeared in the project part 1 ""Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)"The sharp instrument boasts a simple stripped-down useless、Who participated in the planning part 2Shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)San&Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Is it writer's unit "Shimoo Design"The symbolizing the beauty of Japan、We show off wooden vessels that do not forget rational and beautiful!

If the timing is right next time、I'm looking forward to it because it is said that you can collaborate with here!

Gibier meat, which is a blessing of nature, has many individual differences.、The case to mature so that the umami and flavor increase、Depending on the material, you can enjoy it in a fresh state.、In order to provide savaka using a cooking method tailored to each of the ingredients、You can meet gibier with various faces!

Also、Gibier meat、Because the difference of the cloud mud comes out in the meat quality by the way of finishing and the treatment method、To get good materials、It is only with the power of hunters with high skills born because of their skilled skills and experience!

Current、Gibier of Savaca、5Two Hounds' Friends、20I have signed a contract with more than one hunter.、Chef Yamaguchi himself went to the site、Stop stabbing、It is said that there are times when work such as harawata out and cleaning are done!

The wild one is very individual lying.、It is said that there are very few that can be used as a restaurant.、Long period of time、Because there is a relationship that has built up the trust relationship with the hunter、It is said that the thing of stable quality can be received at last!

What is the best gibier dish that can consist of two tripods of "hunter" x "cook"?、 He told me that it's all about building relationships!
That's why Chef Yamaguchi、I'm always trying to update my knowledge of a wide range of hobbies related to nature.、Not to mention the topic of guns and dogs.、In addition to fishing、Wild vegetables, mushrooms, etc.、Let's communicate with hunters about common hobbies and topics.、It is said that it is trying to be recognized by the other party!

Winter Treats、A wild gibier dish (Le Gibier)!
If you want to taste the original umami of the meat rich in flavor of gibier、Right or wrong、In the village of KikugawaWestern European SavacaPlease go to (Cavak.)!!

Western Cuisine Savaca (Cavak.)
Address:791-11 Sawamizuka, Kikukawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30(LO.13:30-
Dinner 18:00-21:30(LO.20:30-
Closed on Mondays:Monday (if Monday is a national holiday, the following Tuesday)
Parking lot:Aerobic

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