Night view of Bangkok's 247 metres above ground 'dome' golden dome restaurant & bar


Saphan Taksin saphan Taksin stationThan3 ExitFrom out of、Charoen krung roadTurn left at the、IntactSilom RoadTo walk out.


Around the station、Many stalls、Rants in the food。Lady home from work、Procurement of the outstaring game with the dish, side dish tonight?。Although the night20℃In the warmth of、Don't dish out under plastic bags to buy courage is quite、Because such stores exist all over the place、The convenient shopping for local people.


Saphan Taksin stationThan7-minute walkSo then、Chao Phraya RiverTowering along the、Golden domeBearing the5One starHotel "lebua lebua"The appear.。On the roofDomeIn parts of six restaurants and bars gathered.、They are collectively"The DOME dome"Call、Now,Where you want to go once when you come to BangkokKnown to tourists is a popular spot.


1 floorIn the Hall、Is the entrance of the dome.、Shop luggage Valet in the front items, such as bags (bags & other valuables) was very helpful。A receipt is、To lose home baggage pick-up for you!


When is guided by women staff' Food or Drink?"So be sure and、'Drink'And answer、In the elevator in the dome64 floor barTo and ask us。Prefer to dine at the restaurantAdvance bookingLet me!


DomeIn the64 floorIn the bar "Distil distill"。The lights were lowered to a minimum、A Moody atmosphere and gorgeous attire、And it's a chic BGM。Staged as a high-quality adult heart that turns around at all.


In the Interior luminosity、Bartender's hustling from and cocktails to create。Of course、Is possible to drink in the restaurant、Feel free to click hereOutdoor patio seatingAsk us!


Many visitors and show the excitement in couplesTerrace seats。Can lie while looking at nightSofa seatingIs very popular for、Staff got to them and、SeatsStand-up seatsIn the decided to have waiting!


State Tower64 floorFrom as far as jewel-studded shineBangkok at night。During the day、Also I think under heavy traffic、If you think some of the splendor of the night 憎menaku is it (laughs)


Stand-up seatsOn and wait 5 minutes or so、Good timingSofa seatingFree/busy、Finally 下rosemasu waist。1Maybe during the day exploring the city worsen chronic low back pain、That was moribund、Overlooking the night sky near the beer in one hand and、Could you take a moment's rest in seventh heaven!


'Beer' B450 (Japan ¥ 1,620 yen)


'Chardonnay' B725 (Japan ¥ 2,610 yen)


Pistachio and olives


After the beer、And enjoying the night and chillin in wine、Suddenly、Cheers welled up.、Spectacular fireworks started autumn sky! Look to the leftAsiaticOfFerris wheelEven more significantly, Fireworks loom large、Flows in the MiddleChao Phraya RiverFromWater FireworksThe seems。A rendition of the hotel somewhere、Excited to an unexpected Showtime!


After a long day at the bar、63 floorIn a restaurant with air "Sirocco-Sirocco"And、Outdoor bar is located to the highest in the world "SkyBar Skybar"Hope we enjoy breathtaking views from、Lower the curtain still mooning over this evening at night in Bangkok。Now、I may be.3First dayWelcomeBangkokTravel became the last day、Historical TempleTo and let's you feet!

1055 State Tower, Bangkok Silom Rd 10500


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