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To the glittering neon lights to look into a different day and night face 'Silom' thaniya, Patpong red light district



Sara Daeng Sala daeng stationDirectly connected to "Central Group"To runSilom SilomThe landmark "Silom Complex, Silom complex"。10After the renovation of the month、Also reopened.。Main entrance of the complex where young people's attire in pop modern atmosphere、Shop in-store shows the most turnover a new face。During the day、In the business district of Bangkok's finestSilomThe、And in the evening、The atmosphere is transformed and、The world famousRed light district。Completes the transformation to the city of glittering neon lights at night.


Sala daeng stationThan3 ExitThe down stairs、Intact10mAs is your right "City of night"And be admiredTanya StreetIs!


On the side of the trail、Street shops is 連ne hotels、And gadgets and clothes.


At this chain store "Yum Saap Yam SERP"It was。1Dish approximatelyB60-B100 ( Japan yen and approximately 200 yen to 360 Yen )And Thailand who are popular in the price range of ordinary people。However,、Can't be bothered to challenge that hotness once again (laughs)Bangkok, ThailandAs a side note on the road、The spiciness of the food or food hygiene、Ill from the stench of the sewer, etc.Given the、Walking down the street、You want to note one more point of carExhaust gasThe is understating。So unthinkable in Japan煙ta and rancid's eye and throatIt is put。And、Producing heavy traffic roadVehicle preferenceAnd in the、Those who preferredBut not for、Paying close attention when crossing the agile 動kimashou!


Tanya StreetTo arrived.。Southeast Asia's largestFor the Japanese red-light districtBut with sweets and、Not only that、Japan restaurant and golf shopIs known as the town meeting.


Tanya Street BBQCow hornThe、Thailand Expat shop 1As、2012On January 17.In the open!


AlsoTanya StreetThe、High rates of currency exchange shopsAndTanya spiritMr. a、In Japan,Japan Yen ExchangeSometimes referred to as for easy-to-understand、Year round late at night in a week (around 22:30)Far too open.。In the middle of the journey、Recommended if you want to add a currency exchange.


To counter、Is a notation reflecting the flag of Japan.、"¥ 10,000 = 2,745."Has been written and。This is、10,000CircleIn exchangeB2,745Are meant to go hand。At the airportCurrency exchangeThanB203 (about about 730 yen in the Japanese Yen)It will discount rate ♪

62/7 <EM>Thaniya</EM> Road Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand


NightTanya StreetThe、Increase in JapaneseJapanesePlace to play。And、Japan to sign with neon lit in front of、May remember while overseas。However,、Because it can attract a fluent Japan language is a smattering of fierce、1To go out with people、And it means a dangerous city (laughs)


Tanya StreetMissing、Red light districtMaine StreetPatpongTo go!


Silom RoadFromSurawong RoadThe way upPatpongAnd in the、Patpong 1 and Patpong 2There is a way that two。One of Bangkok's leadingRed light districtIn the famous and、Introduction to Japanese、Many foreigners will lively until midnight!


We crowded as the night of the playgroundPatpong。The sister also spoke to Japanese heavy it is (laughs)


PatpongThe、NothingRed light districtJust not。Opened every dayPatpong night bazaarSaid that tourists have to stall in bustling show、The products are available at quite reasonable prices price negotiable, so it is recommended、Negotiations are poor Botta is so watch out。Now、The end of the night、From the roof of a high-rise towerBangkok at nightAnd let's go!


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Fuji Super prohmpon station near Japantown trying to get Dole souvenirs! Night view of Bangkok's 247 metres above ground 'dome' golden dome restaurant & bar
Fuji Super prohmpon station near Japantown trying to get Dole souvenirs!
Night view of Bangkok's 247 metres above ground 'dome' golden dome restaurant & bar


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