Bangkok Skytrain let's move to the smart ride destination!


BangkokIn exploring the heart of the、When using the bus or taxi、Public roadsTraffic congestionTo be expected、
Utilizing time、Let's check of means of transportation in order to travel smarter。
Jam knowing and speaking、The Bangkok elevated railwayBTS (Skytrain)And、
NorthBang Sue station.From the SouthHarapan stationTo and around20kmOf total station's distance30MinutesIn the runningSubway (MRT)It is recommended。
This time the Bangkok city tour、BTS (Skytrain)The use of。
The Peninsula BangkokNearestSaphan TaksinTrain station Saphan Taksin StationUntil can go
Sathorn Pier Sathorn PierUntil the
Hotel in your own free shuttle boat to the o!


1To date approximately650Round tripEven theThe Peninsula BangkokThe shuttle boat is really useful。
From the hotelサ パ ー ン タ ー ク シ ン 駅 Saphan Taksin StationUntil can goSathorn Pier Sathorn PierUntil the、
In about 5 minutes ride、Oh that is between!


On passage passed by the cut to the left direction BTSサ パ ー ン タ ー ク シ ン 駅 Saphan Taksin StationAnd、
BTSThe、Sukhumvit lineAndSilom lineThe worldviews and、Siam stationIn the two lines and also mutual transfer。
Silom lineThat you can get from here.


At the ticket vending machineRide IC cardIf you want to buy、Located next to the vending machineRoute mapIn looking for a station you want to go.Zone numberLooking。
That appears and press the button of the zone number rates、On banknotes or coins。
The ticket vending machine、There are coins only available、If you need to Exchange、You would have to change at the counter next to the gate.


Ratchadamri station Ratchadamri StationUntil the ticket131 THB per capita (Japan Yen around 115 yen)In the purchase。
1During the day、BTS in over here would be used, by、
At the counter、BTS 1 DAY passToB130 (Japan yen approximately 480 yen)It is recommended that you buy!


Let's go put the ticket gate is open from。
Pass through the gate and、The rest of thisDrinking or eating.And will require attention.


BTSFor the first time、Morning at 5. in、Operation time5At ~ 24 hoursUntil the next、Open every dayIn offers。
Basically no timetable、All stops at every station。
The number of many、During the day6Minute intervalsBy trains、Also during rush hour3Minute intervalsIn are so useful!


Ratchadamri station Ratchadamri StationTo arrived.。


In Bangkok's two racetracks have.、"Royal Turf Club Racecourse"And
Click hereRatchadamri station Ratchadamri StationTo be 'Royal Bangkok Sports Club"It is。
Royal Bangkok Sports ClubThe、From the initial common name "RBSC"Even if known、
Helvetia is a vast green spread out in front of me very pleasant sight!


International Wi-FiThe "GLOBAL WiFi global WiFi"And then use the、on the iPhoneGoogle mapLaunch、


Ratchadamri station Ratchadamri Stationを降りて
Rajdamri Avenue Ratchadamri StreetFrom、SOI langsuan Soi Lang SuanIn the opposite、
Now、Next in line、"Asia's 50 best restaurants"In the、
2015Fusion restaurants made India Bangkok, Thailand won the year's top chef
"Gaggan"From is within walking distance from the hotel.

The Peninsula Bangkok
Location:333 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600, Thailand
TEL:+66 2 861 2888

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