Spread in front of Wat Arun "Eagle nest Eagle Nest" night bar


Luxury urban resort hotel "THE SIAM"In the after meal、
And a ride in a taxi、Approximately 10 minutes and get off at 15 minutes、
If you enjoy Bangkok night here!Recommended bars said
Japanese women have been living in ThailandSayaka.MayumiAnd I to was introduced.


Our goal is、Look in front of me "Sarah Arun Arun Sala"That is the roof of the hotel!
Is this area.、Known as the Temple of the dawn "Wat Arun Wat Arun"The night you can enjoy、
Bar and restaurant to eat very popular place seems to!


"Sarah Arun Arun Sala"

Here is、Located along the Chao Phraya River "Arun residence Arun Residence"The famous restaurant of the hotel
"The deck The Deck"The hotel owners operate。
Place、Mahato as Thanon MaharatOn the 1st floor is Cafe
"Arom d Hostel"It will be curved at the end corner of the small hotel。
Click here "Sarah Arun Arun Sala"Your destination is the top floor of the hotel bar"Eagle nest Eagle Nest" Is!


Because there is an elevator、
Hotel front desk next to the stairs, run up quickly until the 4th floor rooftop of the hotel!


4Climb up on the floor、Climb the spiral staircase at the end and if that roof (5th floor)!
This stairs after drinking、Surprisingly tough is (laughs)


The night view from the "Eagle nest Eagle Nest"

2013 February The hotels rooftop open rooftop bar "Eagle nest Eagle Nest"The、
Known as the Temple of the dawn "Wat Arun Wat Arun"Conveniently in front of breathtaking views!
Wat Arun the lineup with the splendor of the surface of a river of Chao Phraya River、Unlike his repair work in the daytime、
For what shall and I wonder if changing shades、Very romantic!


In addition、On the other side、"Wat Phra Wat Phrakeaw (Royal Palace)" And "Wat Pho Wat Pho"Also can be enjoyed at the same time!


Please rampage arm counter bar in the ykemembertender's.


Chang beer 130 THB (Japan yen approximately 480 yen)

In Thailand most popular beer Singha (rawd) with a beer。
1998Won a gold medal in international beer contest、Is characterized by strong bitterness of the peculiar!


See Bangkok editions of the Singapore Sling

Of Singapore "Raffles Hotel Singapore RAFFLES SINGAPORE "The bartenders are produced
"Singapore Sling"The Bangkok version was、Order your。
Dry Gin is a gentle fresh flavor and sweetness women receive easy-to-drink cocktails!


SayakaSan、MayumiSan、♪ Thank you for a fun night

Now、Finally the next day "THE SIAM"In the reaches final day!
In front of the check-out、The SiamIn the introduction of optional highly recommended also a cooking school.

Eagle nest Eagle Nest
Address:47-49 SOI Ta-tein, Pranakhon, Khaosan / Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand 10200
TEL:02 622 2933
Hours of operation:Moon-Kim / 17:00To 22:00、SAT, 17 /:00-23:00

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