Trying to use boats to move the river is the Chao Phraya Express boat Temple Tour


"The Peninsula Bangkok' Is it in of hotel stay also3First dayWill be the last。This time the、24-dayAt demanding schedule rather tight.、Perfect weather、Well balanced atmosphere、In the finest hotelsComfortASleeping and eatingI think that was from。Choose a hotel for traveling abroad、Budget、Location、Public transportation、Facilities、Comfort、Diet、ServiceEtc., is likely to be carefully selected and、PeninsulaIs it in the spent3DaysIs going to be good memories!


1 floorAt the buffet "River Cafe & terrace"In the morning3First dayIn the morning。Chao Phraya RiverThe elegant morning while watching the morning would last。One day also come back and I am happy!


PeninsulaIs it's only available at the hotelFree shuttle boatAnd then use the、Across the riverOriental PierUntil the Board!


Visit、I had used many timesShuttle boatLanding stageFar away、Reflected in the distancePeninsulaIs it the ingeniousWAlso offer type was also a fun one!


2~ 3 minutesOriental PierTo arrive、Chao Phraya Express boatThe wait to arrive!


Chao Phraya Express Chao Phraya Express boatAnd the、That operate in the North and South of the Chao Phraya RiverHigh speed shipIt is。Flight time、Morning 6: 00-evening 19: 00Until the。The palaces and temples、ChinatownAnd for travelers visiting the tourist attractions, major hotels and transportation。Chao Phraya Express boatThe、Approximately30LocationsWith no stops at all of the stop flagLocal lineAndExpressOfBoat Orange flagAndExpressOfGreen flag boatsAs well asExpressOfYellow flag boatsAndSuper ExpressOfBlue flag boats、And there are guides in EnglishFor touristsOfTouring boatsThere。By boatStop and chargeDepends on。On the Board、BoatFlagThe color andDestination numberRemember、Shown in different colorsRoute mapAt check out!


This time、Boarding of、Boat Orange flagOfExpressIt is。Boat ticketsThe、Pier every box office by、Then tell where to go ask them issue a boarding pass。So I leave the boat when、Because it is possible to buy tickets from staff around on board after the Board、Don't panic okay.


Landing stageIn the standsFlagOf the same colorFlagTo stop the boat hung、EachLanding stage inFlagThe colors are sure to advance。Stops the boatLanding stageWhen in the last-minute、Officials at cue are taking communication and the captain does not、This whistle is also fearful as to not stop ringing ears (lol) the boat engine、Board feet 10-keep your mind!


Boat Orange flagThe、Express around20Minute intervalsThe schedules。Tatian Tha Tien PierUntil the、Enjoy cruising and enjoy!


In a ship crowded with people、In the handCoinsShake the can and blaring noises、Boat ticketsHas been around the clerk issuing your sister。Boat Orange flagThe、Wherever we go in certain section in chargeB15 (Japan yen and then around 55 yen)Will be!


Here isBoat ticketsIt is。Much like it fluttering in the wind、Is a thin piece of paper flutter like。The lovingly ruled to lose、StopIn I was surprised because it was not recovered. This large field.、It is strange how Board managed?!


PeninsulaMr.Tuk-tuk toursEven there "Chee Chin Khor Moral Uplifting Societies"By buildingThailand Tak Church purple real IslandsSeen。However, it also、Of the dayChao Phraya RiverThe pollution condition are flagrant。In the evening、And distracted in the night、Neon lights reflected on the water is sparkling and very clean for (lol)


TaksinFormer dynastyTempleThe "Wat Arun"It is。Generally, seeWat Arun Wat Arun"In the known。"Wat Arun"And the、In Thai"Temple of the dawn"The mean。Beautiful look from the other sideGreat stupaAnd placed its four sidesSmall stupasOf the atmosphere、BangkokYou would say one iconic views.


#8OfTatian Tha Tien PierTo arrived.。Click hereLanding stageThe、TempleFor many tourists over the crowded!


連ne's souvenir stores that cater to tourists, hotels、Handmade crafts of Thailand and gadgetsSuch as readily available.


Small market stalls are open、His mother bake a banana and stick to fruit and then figure can be seen。AndTatianThe、Also known asDried fish marketEven if known、There to hereDried fishThere are street vendors dealing with!


TatianThe missing market、And hit the roadTuk-tukRoad to, can often be found along。Advancing Taiwan Street as it is a few minutes ' walk 'Wat Pho Wat Pho"(The official name:Wat Phra certo Pont ratchathewi WA larame)The front entrance you'll see。I may be.、Oldest temple in BangkokTo arrive!


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