Soul food rurohan 'Ka 飯永 Japanese 鬍 beard Zhang Lu restaurant"Taiwan's leading chain store


Taiwan's food for the soulSpeaking of、Dumpling、Beef noodleTo sort、Integrated in the Taiwan people's livesSmall dishes (small hiccups:Hsin-Hsiang)The one with pork minced meat either steamed rice 'Rurohan (ruloufan)"There。AndMinced pork riceSpeaking of、鬍 beard Zhang (Zhang beard)Rather than、Minced pork riceThe foremost chain store "鬍 beard Zhang Lu meat rice Yonghe music shop"Mr. to。MRTOfDingxi station (choukei station:Dincer Jun)Of1 ExitFrom the move to the left、Yonghe fun Hua night marketBeyond theWalk 7 ~ 8 minutes walking distanceIt is。2Of the second generationZhang Yong ChangAnd I'm the father inZhang Quan flameHer first owner、1960 yearBegan to shop in small stalls "BI-rurohan"And start bidding。Over the ruins of the father、2Of the second generationZhang Yong Chang.1979 yearIn offices where the stalls、After that、Lecturers from Japan, corporate management and administration system for learning、Branch is expanding and。Current、Stores in the whole of Taiwan50StoreOver and、Have been opened in Japan。Of the predecessorZhang Quan flameJust when I was at that time in the stalls open、Forsaking sleep, work、Since there was no time to shave、Untended beard growth in、From the visitors saw it "鬍 beard Zhang (Zhang beard) rurohan"And called popular or were otherwise、After、Zhang Yong ChangAnd I will shop has changed its nickname!


Shop、There is a casual staff, such as family。Also the priceNT $ 30 ~ 100 (Japan yen and then around 120 Yen to 390 yen)Shop units and pretty reasonably priced.


Lu meat rice NT $ 35 (Japan yen and then around 140 yen)

Minced pork riceThe、The jaw under the meat that used to be eaten only the Emperor spent more than 6 hoursMinced pork or steamed riceIt is。A fat lot、In China.、Star anise (star anise)Currently used、I think here。Is like a Taiwan-style pickle、This unique flavor。Even though rice dish、So a small teacups、Men lightweight is great volume like the best so far!


Hot head Yu (winter melon soup)

Hot head waterAnd the、In a simple melon soup、Stomach seeps gently、Delicious aroma of cilantro and crispy garlic flavored spread.


The staff very cheerful、Even though he knows Japanese"Come again!"Discount tickets to me (lol) really is the Taiwan people、Everyone、Very very helpful。Would you want to eat at very reasonable prices、In the sense of family here! Now、Next in line、First experienceCity at nightAs、Yonghe fun Hua night marketThe o!

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鬍 beard Zhang rurohan (foucheijan-ruloufan) fun flower weiyue
Address:Kuei Yonghe, Yonghe road further 108, 1 號 TEL:02-2910-8012
Hours of operation:10:00-23:00 Holidays:Open every day

Yungho district, new Taipei City, Yonghe road, 108 of 1th

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