0/1924 founding ' climate Bon ihara ya ' pudding wearing a Maserati brand with Tung as a souvenir


"Maserati Hamamatsu"ofOpening partyIn the gift they gave me、It is a box of cakes decorated with Maserati brand to the large paulownia box。And to participate in various events of the Maserati、Will sweets always this way was made of stamped somewhere。And the recent、100-year anniversary celebration was held at the Ritz-Carlton, TokyoNowMASERATI100And cookie brand was to be、This time they seemed to eat もったいない and is (laughs)、General Manager of Hamamatsu MaseratiSugiura AkiraBecause it was heard and prepared sweets confectionary purveyors said、I open the box so looking forward to.


From the paulownia、Good product pudding 2 kinds.。Here is、Town of enterprising suffered a new style as a port since ancient times、Nurtured by the Shimizu climate benefits while、The 0/1924 Foundation、The first confectionery technical achievement awardFor good luck、Its predecessorPositiveThe teachings of、Greeted in elaborate confections, it had been established over 80 years old pastry shop shop "Culture goodies ihara shop not a rose"Is it something。Now4Second generationBecome aK. MochizukiAnd it's by hand、Techniques and meticulous materials have been handed down from generation to generation has been waged。Head Office is in Shimizu Ginza.、Branch is in the Shizuoka Isetan。Sleek was referred to as printing two pudding、We felt so immediately!


"Smooth printing 'And"Smooth jam printing '(Served with whipped cream and homemade Strawberry confiture and Mint)

"Tokushima Prefecture from Awa Kazumi basin' Using pudding、"Azuki beans from Tokachi of Hokkaido"Using two kinds of pudding。Torotto smooth texture and very good resilience。And good taste、Puru. I one! I like pudding becomes the expression。The sweetness is restrained、Suites spread rich palate of cool sweetness and richness.。Mr. Sugiura、Mr./Ms. Mochizuki、Delicious as is.

Climate Bon ihara shop
Shizuoka, Shimizu-Ku, Ginza 14-14 TEL:054-366-1022
Hours of operation 10:00To 18:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

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