"IZA CAFE coo-kai?"The bars cafes and a cozy Cafe dining


This year2014 yearSpringTo11First yearFukuroi marks the popular restaurant "IZA CAFE coo-kai?"Mr.。Tokyo and Nagoya、The owner kept brushing the arm as a bartenderTakehara XING QuaternaryMr. (37 years) returns to the local Fukuroi"The Daily cafe such that the place of meeting of Fukuroi"Feelings in the chest that2003 yearIn the open。And the next、2014April 1st (Tue)Shop authentic pizza making in Naples of firewood kiln "Pizzeria Attico! Pizzeria atticoIt is a pizza Lee Oro (pizza craftsman) a "Mr.Stone 田晋士Welcome to the hotel's open and、More and more spread is the width of the menu、Will be loved by many guests as well as locals feel free to attend, in the fashionable Tavern + Cafe Cafe dining.


Shop、Grouped in cozy warmth filled with tea system、Surrounded by distressed furniture in the open and play a playful atmosphere。Fashionable women and men are also popular shops。Conversation with the bartender, you can enjoy 8 counter seats、And、Including the ragged sofa seats better placed to balance in some places.、40More seat space。Lunch、Made of vegetables and seasonal ingredients pasta lunch ¥ 980-provides、In the evening、European-style small dishes 380 yen-and baked pizza with pizzeria and wine day 450-and、Daily, feel free to enjoy a variety of menus。And staff celebrations such as surprise in popular latte and desserts、A woman used to blow。On this day、From Hamamatsu、COO-Kai?Is it family that first experience we have to offer!


Suntory-all free 440 yen and ' keg filling sparkling wine ' 450 Yen

On this day、I was driving, so home、I am Nomar.、Her husband will be keg-fresh sparkling!


Salad of cured ham and mozzarella 790 Yen

Will be aboard luxury summer vegetables were cut to the Green lettuce and prosciutto and mozzarella salad with homemade dressing!


"Tea duck and jade Caesar salad ¥ 790

Until now it seems had a duck、In addition the tea powder to feed itTea duckThe salad was changed。Except peculiar habit with the duck tea power、Body is so tender and moist and has finished、Poached, mellow 絡masereba、Better compatibility with the acidity of the Caesar dressing and a great sense of volume.


"Shichiriana" 1,080 yen With tomato sauce、Oregano、Anchovy、Garlic、Olive、Capers、Cherry tomato

Pizzaiolo Ishida-Kun own favorite pizza! Quality materials、From the authentic Sicilian food also uses。Enjoy the aroma of oregano and garlic、Salty anchovies and olives as good、Tomato sauce and fresh cherry tomatoes placed with plenty of flavor is overflowing.、Of course fabric Neapolitan。The edges is called a cornicione (picture frames) and scrupulously to no longer、Plump。Using home-made yeast dough taste even better、Then the Neapolitan light finish so many cards in it is eaten away。Oh yes、Ishida-Kun、In quite a shy person who seems inarticulate、If it starts talking about the pizza stop (lol) while listening to his、Enjoy delicious pizza tasted more like it!.


"Pizza attico" 1380 YenFukuroi in basil sauce、Mozzarella cheese、Cherry tomato

Basil's delicious time has come! With a name local Fukuroi, a lush and vibrant Basil lavished with source、It is also recommended for pizza! Girls are vulnerable to the word Basil is (laughs)


"Tomatosupa of bacon and mozzarella" 1,280 yen

Enjoy plenty of sour flavor of the cheese and Tomato mozzarella and Parmesan pasta!


Today's homemade bread (2 pieces) 170 yen

And men want to eat carbs、Add to the pan the。Do the ladies (lol)


Aichi Sanshu pork rib grilling 1,060 Yen

The pork chunks with bones、Wearing the scent of Rosemary、Has been burning pretty good and moist! Because of the thick、You felt the gravy and sweet、1 women's Carnivore in the form! Previous、COO-Kai?And it is not but most meat dishes、Recently the healthy meat eating them that increasing women's、May best meat chefs here the current momentum so ranked and popular menu's (laughs)、Personal and good breakfast!


After enjoying a meal、After-dinner drinks with Nikko this popular latte art ownersTakehara XING QuaternaryAnd I, I asked。Recent popular art, please try right now...、Do you think what is coming!


See design Cafe late,OLAF of the Ana and the snow Queen ' 790 Yen

Current、In the blockbuster movieAna and the snow QueenIn the anime comes out in、The adventure with the Ana“Snowman”Of OLAFIt is! And why people get attracted to the prettiness、Even the latte art click here"Please draw Olaf ♪"That order is said to be quite。Other、Such as the attempt to draw the first time order、And searching for images on the Internet、Power of the 興sann to reproduce faithfully latte art、Each year we increasingly powered on! I drink too much cuteness.、Enjoy the photo shoot、Fade away a little at a time, drinking and 慈shinndari、Guests are characters with latte latte's (lol) day, so、So many requests for that surprise gift to her boy。Visit the moment even soothing aroma of coffee.、No doubt that cuteness by applying the latte art and technique so much surprise that rise at double the fun! Enjoy everyone waving a tall latte with 興sann, please 興sann it (laughs).、Ishida-Kun、Staff、Feast we did ~!

IZACAFE coo-kai? Izakafe Kukai
Fukuroi-shi Kawai 868-4 TEL:0538-44-0770
Lunch:11:30-14:00 Dinner:18:00-23:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Pizzeria Penthouse ピ ッ ツ ェ リ ア ア ッ テ ィ コ
Shizuoka Prefecture Fukuroi Ichikawa YUI-868-6 TEL:0538-84-6199
Operating hours Lunch:11:30~ 14:00 Dinner:18:00~23:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Fukuroi Kawai 868-4

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