Know famous liquor "horiike hotel" However Marsh Tavern and off the beaten track in the off the beaten path!

In alone together Nepal tour last September, members 'IIDA Juniper"The IIDA Yoshiaki Smith as Chairman by his new year's party invitation、I went to、What! Sake however Marsh town shows up unexpectedly and written signs "Horiike hotel"The shops!

Sign at the entrance "today、It's a Charter! "And hung a poster written、Although the liquor bottles on shelves lined with occasional、Tables and chairs are set up、As the liquor store is a wondrous space。Whatever this is、Horiike Hitomi is the current owner, Mr. Hong's parents were known to、Shop favorite dish is, and has been operating as a "Tavern" was! Did not specifically promote、Popular shops as an oasis for the regulars who know that!

This day your food is your food of Hitomi's recommended Western prepare fully、Despite the alcohol liquor store、IIDA's Secretary is always with a potluck style so、This time also brought some Champagne and red wine at all。It seemed difficult aligned all Nepal tour、Thirsty fellow becomes complete.、New year's Party started!

To cool champagne、The concentrated fruit flavours like blackcurrant and blueberry、Good balance between Chile's Merlot "Merlot Gran Reserva 2014 / Santa Alicia "on toast、"Shizuoka steudel seared" yuzu and Ponzu is at will!

"Appetizer plate (taro and Lotus root Gratin、High sugar content tomato and watercress salad、Chicken wings、Kanazawa Artemisia Fu dengaku miso、Good sized raw、Bruschetta with tomato Curry with rice without any water、Lime tree honey yogurt、Leysin Dre au Sauternes botrytised wine chocolate) "each of us provided、Serve wines to suit any taste!

We have 100 years of Spain won the Parker 90 points templarinho brought old Bodegas Frontaura Crianza 2009。Enjoy a smooth mouthfeel and lingering 1 book!

The IIDA's favorite daily wine、総嘗me has numerous awards once every 50 years visions of Italy wine ' Collezione 50 Plus 2 Cantine San Marzano "is! In the nuance of the concentrated fruit aroma Japanese Nori spice、Guests can enjoy a smooth finish lasts forever!

Where chilled champagne "Nicolas Feuillatte Brut, Champagne ", cheers again! Soothes the throat taste with plenty of food in is way to cool! Received by the Princess Diana commemorative glass (lol)

The putrid Prix texture is enjoyable "Shrimp with chive.、A twist of savory element and red wine sauce is also good!

I've never seen a good root is "auction pot" is、With that friend of yours who attended IIDA's Mr./Ms. Mochizuki Sendai return bring ingredients、Simple to enjoy along with the flavor of the chicken! Japanese parsley root is in the texture of the first、A nice scent、Was the best pot shakishaki and good sound, enjoy!

"Auction pot" of because at the time out with "Wasabi" too lavish "platter of sashimi.、The transition from the red wine sake、"Shizuku English your ABCs Dai-ginjoshu sake" or "unfiltered Shichida pure rice.、"Hanagaki junmai daiginjo.、We will free ' popular 1 gold popular "junmai daiginjo", such as pom poms! Fortunately, Toyama "NOUSAKU"The open Tin and your Inoguchi has emerged!

In wedding boom was in full swing、Two erhu playerYumiko Naito (Yumiko Naito)One piece in the popular teacher three years ago in China experienced makeover photo! Yang wlld in the bombshell beauty of this world and the world's three largest beauty makeover!

Say this is uncensored by surprise、Makeup techniques far beyond imagination and loved it at all! (Lol)

On the way、IIDA's labelling rumiko teacher and a good "Rinzai school, toIn"The US priest曦 temperature (Souon Asahi)Let's us go to say hello! His chief priest off sexy so fresh、As well as his wife seems like a cute couple!

Continue to enjoy a feast meal still、Return to the red wine from the sake、Italy Barolo "Villa Jolanda Barolo Santero F.lli & C. S. p. a. "、According to France's Bordeaux Château Blouin 2012 Lily Tempura trefoil or ' fromage&Dried fruit "picking、The finish provided by burning a perfect seafood "paella"、From beginning to end liquor store surprise!

Without a referral without knowing、Off the beaten path in the off the beaten path and see horiike "at new year's Party、Up to the late-night bout、Eat well drink better、Good laugh.、We have a really good time spent.


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